Thursday, July 31, 2014

Odd, Quirky Bull Terrier Behavior

Many uneducated people will tell you that a Bull Terrier is a mean ferocious killing machine. Lots of these folks actually mistake this breed for being the American Pit Bull Terrier simply because it is called a Bull Terrier. In all reality though, the Pit Bull was actually made from the Bully, not the other way around.
Some myths about the Bull Terrier is that they are not good with other animals, they will kill your other animals!
That's far from the truth, we introduced our Bull Terrier to a pack of other very small dogs. The Bully now protects and watches over these dogs like he is their daddy. I don't know who has mistaken kisses for chomping, but our Bully is far from a monster.
However I am not here today to defend the Bull Terriers bad rap, I am here today to discuss the funny, odd, and quirky behavior of a Bull Terrie that makes them so damn irresistible and gross.
1. Our Bully goes on Bull runs (or so we like to call them). This is the best thing to watch, and a Bull run can seriously mow the lawn. When our Bully gets excited he will run so fast knocking everything from his path. There is no stopping such a muscular dog while it is having an exciting Bull Run. We actually had our dog weed an entire garden doing his Bull run. You have to make sure you keep a close eye on the dog while he's doing an excited frenzied run like this. Trees and fences could hurt the dog.
2. Speaking of fences, our Bully seems to sometimes not see them, and will charge right for one, only to bounce back and land on his rear end. Seeing a Bully ram itself into a fence can be frightening to onlookers only because the dog is so intimidating in appearance. In all actuality though, the dog most likely wants to see what is going on, and the gate fence bump was the dog being an idiot and getting excited.
Do not pet someones dog through a fence though, you never know how it will react.
3. The Bull Snore. This is probably the most annoying feature about a Bull Terrier. They snore! Loud! Our Bully's snores were tolerable when he was a puppy, but now that he is older and larger, his cute snores went from cute to annoying.
4. Bull Farts! Oh my lord! This has to be the gassiest breed of dog I have ever owned. This dog cannot sleep without farting at least 5 or 6 times a night. These farts are also atomic, and can clear a room. The dog also farts so loud that you can hear it, and his ears will go up in shock as he stares at his rear. 'What was that?!'
5. The Bull Terrier is not a yippy breed, and if they bark, they roar. A Bull Terrier will only bark if there is an intruder, or if they are truly upset by something. If your Bully barks, it means take notice.
6. Our Bully rammed himself into a fence and cut his nose open without even yelping. The dog needed stitches, yet seemed unphased by the pain. Bully's have a high tolerance to pain. If you see a wound on your Bull Terrier take him in to get it checked, it may be worse than he lets it out to be.
7. Our Bully loves to swim. It is not uncommon for this breed to actually dip under water. A dipping Bully really draws a crowd, and will amaze even you.
8. This breed is a bottomless pit, if our Bull Terrier is not being watched he will eat just about anything, edible or not. It is not uncommon for our dog to scarf down napkins, buttons, small toys, bugs and other non digestible things. Keep a close eye out when your dog is in the home. You truly have to Bully proof it, because the dog could choke.
Also keep a close eye on the dog while outside at night. It turns my stomach every time our Bully gets out and snacks on slugs.
9. The Bull gaze. This gaze can be frightening to onlookers, as a Bull Terrier will keep a close eye on any passerby, and will also become very alert if he hears a strange noise. The dog however will not move an inch, but instead will just stare at the passerby or area where he heard noise. It is only because the dog is curious, not because it wants to kill whatever makes noise.
10. Tail Chase. Our Bully at times, like most breeds will chase after it's tail. However because of his muscular body type, and size this tail chase can look ridiculous, and you could get knocked over in the process if you get in the way of his tail chase.
11. The Bull Stomp. Our Bull Terrier will jump up on it's hind legs and pound down with his front legs over and over again until you finally play with him. This Bull stomp can shake the room, and the dog looks mental when he is doing this stomp.
The Bull Terrier has all sorts of quirky, and odd behaviors I have never seen in another breed. From burping, and making faces that look as if the dog is really smiling, and pouting while blowing air out of their noses when they are disappointed. The Bull Terrier is an interesting and beautiful breed, and should be given way more positive credit than what people give them. They are not the cruel evil breed that so many mistake them for.
They are fun, loving, and act more like humans than they do dogs.

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