Thursday, July 31, 2014

Serve Food in a Unique Manner at Your Halloween Party!

When you are throwing a Halloween party, besides just neat decorations and freaky props, you are going to have to serve food, whether you like it or not. However seeing how it is a Halloween bash, you want to serve your food in a unique manner. It's Halloween remember!? Serving food on stupid tulip lined white porcelain plates can really dim the atmosphere. You want to serve food in a unique manner, a manner that fits the theme.
If you want to skip making a large spooky dinner though, you can serve just small finger foods, such as mini hot dogs, chips, and dip.
However placing these foods into regular bowls just won't do the trick on Halloween; you want to serve these foods on unique trays and bowls.
Let me take you through my quick guide on how to get your dinner table Halloween ready.
The table:
First you need to set up your table. You can either use a standard black table cloth, or by using an old white sheet and putting red paint splatters all over it. Let t dry before using it though, duh! Rip the sheet in some areas, and make sure to add hand prints and some foot prints.
The black sheet can be placed down, and then you can stretch some fake cobwebs across it. In the fake cobwebs add plastic spiders/rats/or flies.
Chairs should be covered in fake cobwebs and spiders. You can also throw on some torn white bloody sheets if you like.
After you have your sheets or cloth where you want them, you can next add unique string lights around the tables edge. Lighted skull heads or bones do the trick perfectly.
Dishes and serving trays:
My favorite serving bowl is the Tall Coffin which is available at This coffin can be used for popcorn, and is a guaranteed hit. You can also use this coffin to place rows of soda bottles or beer in for guests. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the coffin and placing foods or drinks into it. You can really fill it with whatever you'd like...popcorn though always looks best.
Fruit punch can be served in large cauldron's. Before buying the cauldron though, make 100% sure there are no holes in it. In the punch be sure to add pieces of fruit to give it a really chilling look. The punch cauldron should be the largest cauldron on the table.
Smaller sized cauldrons should be filled with different types of chips, and the smallest cauldrons should have dip placed in them. The cauldrons should all be placed on a large table. By placing regular foods into unique Halloween themed bowls, it keeps the atmosphere in check. You wouldn't want to serve punch in a crystal bowl, or chips in a pink rose rimmed bowl on Halloween. It would throw off the whole theme.
Small finger foods such pigs in a blanket should be placed on unique trays. These unique serving trays can be found at any local superstore, and usually have skull and bone decorations on them. You can find really neat serving trays at Target such as the snake plate. Once you have a fair share of neat and creepy Halloween serving trays, you now have to figure out what to put on them.
Small foods such as mozzarella sticks, and pizza pops are always a Halloween bash hit. When you have your foods on the trays you then can dazzle the creepy tray up even more by adding small plastic spiders to them. There is nothing neater looking than a plastic spider or rat on top of the food.
Other items you will need to really dazzle up the dinner table are black plates and cups. Some Halloween enthusiasts already have expensive dinner plates I am sure; but for those on a tight budget, you can purchase regular black plastic cups and utensils. Like I said, this is a must have, having regular dinner plates out for Halloween could ruin the whole theme.
Treats for children are easy to make, and one favorite treat that seems to be a hit at my house year after year is jello and body parts. To make these you will need boxes and boxes of jello; any flavor will do.
In the dollar store or super store you can pick up bags of gummy body parts. Once you heat up the jello pour it into plastic clear cups you then will add in a few gummy body parts. The clear cups allow the body parts to be seen, and people seem to enjoy them. I usually make about 40 cups and even with only 20 guests, they always end up being the first treat that disappears.
It's Halloween, so of course candy should be placed around the home in trays or cauldrons for your guests. I usually fill cauldrons with bags of candy corn, or Hershey kisses. Many older guests won't eat candy, so you do not have to go over board with the candy cauldrons.
Other neat serving bowls are motion censored, and will grab at anyone who reaches into the bowl. These are cheap gags, and usually not worth the money, but I must say, when you find these motion activated bowls for low prices, it's not an awful idea to add one to the table. Kids also love them.
After having your table looking all Halloween creepy you need one last and final thing, candelabras. You can purchase elegant ones at antique shops, or you can purchase cheaper plastic flame free ones at superstores. I recommend though that you spend the few extra bucks for some authentic ones. Two should be placed on each end of the table, or however you like. Black candles are a must.
With just a small amount of effort on your part you can serve cheap food in a creative way for your Halloween bash. Keep in mind, a little bit of effort goes a long way.
By serving decent amounts of finger foods and chips and dips, you can skip making a large expensive dinner.
Most items you will need to dazzle up the dinner table can be found at for really resonable prices. Check it out!

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