Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review of Skull Light String: A Cheap Halloween Lighting Decoration

I volunteered to do our front window Halloween display this year at work. Usually my bosses mom would come in and change up the window decor according to the season or holiday.
Perhaps it's the fact that I think her decorations are a bit...boring, or perhaps it is the fact that I love Halloween and already have a slew of decorations at home. I figured I would bring in my decorations and amp the spooky feeling up a bit.
You see every year we have a Halloween parade on main street, and when I found out that they were giving away prizes for the best window display, I of course wanted to jump on board. I don't know what the prizes are, but I wanted my share, and this was the main reason why I volunteered.
After my boss told me I had a $50.00 limited, I was more than thankful. I didn't have to bring in my own decorations, I could do my favorite thing (shop), and bring in some new decorations.
Every Halloween fanatic though knows that $50.00 in the world of Halloween decorations will get you close to nothing. I had to spend this money wisely, so I bought a few dollar store cob webs, some window clings, and a set of lights, with money to spare on other Halloween tid bits.
I ended up buying the Skull Light String at Walmart for only $7.97. The set came with approximately 10 plastic skulls, which was just enough to run across one of out front windows.
I will be honest; they are not the greatest lights in the world, but for 8 bucks what do you want? Each skull is placed over a regular light, once the light string is plugged in it illuminates the skull, which gives off a yellow eerie glow.
The skulls are made of cheap plastic, and are all identical to one another. They have paint shading of black to give them realistic depth.
One issue I had with the lights occurred while I tried pinning them up. A few of the skulls openings where the lights were, were loose, so a few of them ended up on the floor. When I went to put the skull back on it just kept sliding out. I ended up having to tape some of the skulls in place, otherwise they wouldn't stay.
The Skull Light String got the job done, (with a little tape). I still ended up bringing in a few of my own props, but heck, when someone hands you money and tells you to spend it, how could I not.
I am happy with the Skull Light String, and it really added that special extra Halloween flair that I was looking for.
If you're looking for a cheap Halloween decoration, then I recommend the Skull Light String. If you are looking for quality light sets, I would pass this one by. Odds are that if you do not box this set up well after Halloween a lot of the skulls will come loose and get crushed, or lost.
Good for one season, and that's about it.
I picked them up at Walmart. You can also get them at the official site www.walmart.com in the Halloween section.

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