Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Croc Shoes Are Dangerous!

Recently when I saw an article being featured that dealt with Crocs shoes, and how great they are for ones feet while pregnant; I recalled an article on these very shoes. The artilces though told a different story...
Basically Crocs pose a danger; to children mostly. It has been said on many blogs and on forums on the internet that children are getting their Crocs stuck in the sides of escalators. Some escalators even post signs saying that if you are wearing Crocs to be extremely careful.
Any rubber shoes are dangerous while riding an escalator, but lately Crocs have joined the ranks of soft soled shoes and sandals that pose a danger on escalators.
There are 2 cases of children becoming seriously injured while wearing crocs on an escalator, and one mild injury.
This warning though is not to just children, the warning goes out to everyone who sports around with these particular shoes on.
To those who have come to enjoy the light weight comfort of the shoes, I ask; is the risk really worth it? I would think not, especially if you are pregnant! If you must wear them, avoid the escalators!
Schools have also been sending notes home to parents asking that they do not allow their children to wear Crocs to school, that they pose a danger to them while running around in wet grass, and mulch. They also fall off and could cause injury to the foot.
Point taken!
For more articles on the dangers of Croc shoes check out
For the actual event that happened to one woman's child click here:
Now that you got the facts, spread the news! Crocs are dangerous to wear while riding on escalators, and for children to be wearing while playing.

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