Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gwen Stefani Dolls: Great Gift, But a Better Collectible

I was a fan of Gwen Stefani back when she was the lead in No Doubt. I have enjoyed her voice time and time again. Some of her songs suck, and some rock.
I came across Gwen Stefani dolls in a local Toys'R'Us while gift shopping for a second cousins birthday. Like a few of her songs, the dolls sucked. Not only were they extremely creepy, but they looked poorly made. Oh yeah: They were also very ugly and unrealistic.
The dolls come all have extremely similar faces, and some dolls have exact faces as others. Either way, though, they in no way resemble Gwen.
Each doll comes with a different outfit that Gwen supposedly wore in concert, or they will reflect a fashion era in her music careers lifetime. Looking at the dolls wardrobes only about 3 of them stick out as something I may of recalled Gwen wearing in a music video.
Each doll comes with lame accessories such as trading card that feature photos of Gwen, a small wall poster, a little hair brush, and fake concert tickets. Each of the Gwen Stefani dolls have blond hair, with different hair styles. However some of the dolls do come displaying the same hair style, which is sort of disappointing. The hairstyles though reflect styles that Gwen Stefani herself has worn, so seeing these styles portrayed on a doll was pretty neat.
The dolls themselves all have the same body which measures in at 10 inches high. They come with a movable head, arms that only go straight out, and bendable legs. They truly resemble the body of Bratz dolls, as the dolls shoes are removable just like Bratz. However the dolls are not as glamorous as Bratz dolls can be...not only that the face on the Gwen dolls are pretty fugly. I can already sniff a lawsuit in the air when it comes to these dolls...and this is sort of why I recommend them.
For one, if their ever is a lawsuit involving these Gwen dolls, the dolls will fly from shelves, increasing their value. Not only that they are dolls made up with Gwen Stefani's name thrown on them...this alone makes them highly collectible. Over time these dolls will become scarce, and the value of them will rise.
Although the Gwen Stefani collection of dolls are pretty hideous, and poorly made, they will one day be worth way more than what they are going for now.
These dolls make for neat gifts for Gwen fans...but it is my recommendation that if you buy them keep them stored in their boxes in a safe place. In due time (10-15 years) the dolls will most likely be selling for triple or more.
Buying Gwen Stefani:
It's easier than buying one of her show tickets. You can pick her up at Toys'R'Us for $19.99. You can also buy them all right now at The price remains the same.

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