Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review 1-800-Flowers Sympathy Floor Basket

Funerals have been popping up left and right this month for my family. Flowers honestly are the last thing you think about when you loose a loved one. But when time keeps ticking and the actual day grows near, you have to push your mourning aside for at least 5 minutes so you can get in touch with a florist, to have flowers delivered to the funeral home.
Trust me, this is not an easy task, especially when that someone is a relative, or young friend. You want to get the process over as fast as possible. Visiting a florist during such a painful time can be difficult, so I placed my order on the web and just hoped that they would do our family justice.
I placed my trust with I had used them before for Mothers Day and other events, but never for a funeral. I was hoping they'd do justice.
I ordered a large sympathy floor basket. On the site this basket looked beautiful, in yellows, whites and light pinks. The basket itself came to $69.99 plus shipping, overall it came to around $85+ dollars after all was said and done.
I checked out in a flash, and was glad I was done ordering them. It wasn't because I was feeling annoyed that I had to order flowers, it was because I was in mourning thinking about who the flowers were for, and why...
No one likes to think that this is the last bouquet of flowers this person will be getting from you, but while you sit there at the computer ordering flowers for a funeral, these thoughts can't help but run through your mind. This is the last bouquet, and after ordering them, I truly hoped that this company did justice.
The day of the funeral swept over me faster than I had imagined. I wondered, and worried if the flowers were present. I had read so many horror stories about flowers for funerals when it came to this company. I truly hoped our bouquet arrived, and that it looked lovely, and not half dead and dried out.
I scanned the room, and I notice quite a few baskets of flowers that looked a little parched. I certainly hoped those were not the ones I had sent. As I walked up to the casket to pay my respects, I noticed he basket I had sent. It was glorious. They had placed it on the floor towards the bottom of the casket. The flowers were all alive and looking wonderful. The colors were vibrant, and not a single one looked discolored, parched, or dried out. 1-800-Flowers did my family justice, and I could not thank them enough.
They made placing the order fast and easy at a rough an emotional time. They displayed bouquets in large vibrant pictures, which made placing my order a breeze. They delivered on time as promised. I am sure if Thomas could of got up, he would have said, 'Now thats one helluva bouquet!'
The bouquet came in the colors that were displayed on the Internet, and the basket was much larger than I was imagining it would of been. I honestly could have ordered the same basket in medium, and it would have been just as gorgeous.
Unfortunately I have another funeral to send flowers to this weekend coming up. will once again be serving my family and my friend. I could not thank them enough for making such gorgeous arrangements.
Visit them at There are many different assortments of funeral arrangements, from casket covers, to flowered hearts. You honestly can find all of your flower needs here, and they come looking as glorious as the sites pictures display them. You will not be disappointed.

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