Thursday, July 31, 2014

How to Hide Your Size 10 High Heel Shoe

Alrighty, I'm going to admit something that is not so attractive about myself, besides my outspoken big mouth tell it how it is attitude, I have a secret I don't usually share with everyone, a secret that most people find funny, and will even point, laugh and make jokes about it. I wear a size 9.5; sometimes 10 sized high heel shoe.
Normally I am a size 8.5 walking shoe, but for gals with wide feet like mine, we cannot squeeze our wide feet into an 8.5 sized high heel. We have no choice but to wear a high heel that is too big just to accommodate our wide feet. This is not necessarily a bad thing, and a size 9.5 high heel does not look bad; until someone notices that at the bottom of our shoe a big fat number is embedded into the rubber sole. A marking that is usually well hidden is not always so well hidden. Like the times we kick up our feet on an ottoman, coffee table, or couch, the number at the bottom sometimes shows, and sometimes out secret gets out.
The first time I got caught was when I was in a size 10 heel and I had my feet resting up on a girlfriend ottoman. You see before then, she never even really noticed, and at times she would even say 'nice shoes.' I hid the size well under pants that covered them so they still would show, yet would not give a full eye view of just how big the shoes were.
However for some damn reason these particular shoes had me marked. A 10. I watched her eyes bulge and then she said, 'damn your a size 10 shoe!' I could have lied, I could have said that was the name brand of the shoe, I could have made something up, but because I had been caught due to the number etching, I couldn't lie. I basically tried saying I was usually an 8.5, but my feet are wide. Of course after this she wanted to see how wide my feet were.
I kicked off the shoe, and my feet looked normal. They don't look hugely wide, but they are wide enough as to where normal sized heels don't fit them without squeezing veins, and causing pressure on my feet.
After I removed the shoes, she picked them up and observed them like they were some sort of alien form. As if she had never seen such big shoes! Puh-lease!
I know they sell wide heels designed for wide feet, but have you ever seen these shoes? They are usually a lime green throw up color, ugly, and too wide for my wide feet. I am an in between wide, not a monstrous wide. But because of my wider foot shape I am placed in a category of ugly shoes designed for huge woman. I have never in my life come across a pretty pair of cute heels for wide feet. Just ugly ones, puke colored ugly ones. Sigh.
After this embarrassing episode, I wanted to share my guide on hiding you big long high heel shoes so that way others don't point and laugh at you, causing an embarrassing episode for you.
1. I hide my large shoes under wide legged pants. This way the shape of the lovely heel only shows a little skin, and the back heel. It is sexy looking, without looking ridiculous.
2. I now ALWAYS check the bottom of my heels for the number. Not all shoes display the shoe size number on the bottom, but if you happen to come across a nice pair that you must have, and it has the NUMBER, you can rub sand paper along the bottom to erase the embarrassing number.
3. Throw out your shoe boxes. If someone comes over for a visit, and you have a size 10 shoebox, they're going to ask about it. It never fails.
What not to do:
1. I know this sucks, but if you have an awkward sized shoe that looks big to the eye, do know it's going to look big on the feet unless you are 6 foot tall. If your not a giraffe, do NOT wear these heels with skirts or dresses that will draw attention to the big shoes. This is pretty much how Paris Hilton got busted for having big feet, and the poor girl hasn't lived that one down yet.
2. Don't let your girlfriend try them on. Haha! Not every girl has big wide feet like yours, and unless they admit they too are in a size 10 heel, avoid all 'shoe' talks.
3. Don't point it out to others. It's like an open invitation for being the joke.
Basically having to wear a size 10 heel is embarrassing enough, but when the word is out, everyone who knows can't help but stare down below... and no I'm not talking about your butt.
It's sad that people find it funny to make fun of other girls over a shoes size, but the sad reality is that women in some countries have been known to have their toes shaved in order to fit into a smaller sized shoe. Pretty, sad, gross, and wrong.
In all honesty it is not our fault that heels are not made to accommodate a wider (yet not gigantic) foot size. I am sure I am not the only woman on earth who hates placing her 8.5 sized foot into a 10 heel.

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