Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holidays for the Month of November

Everyone in America is well aware of Thanksgiving which takes place in November; but did you know that for the entire month there is a holiday for each and every day? Why not celebrate all month long with these interesting and weird holidays!?
On November 1st were are all to 'plan your Epitaph day'. Okay so that one is a bit creepy, even for my standards. But hey, why not right!?
Deviled eggs anyone? I hope you like (even love) deviled eggs, because on the 2nd you should be celebrating 'deviled egg day'. Oh yeah! I'm so in!
Finally housewives are appreciated! On November 3rd is is Housewife Day! So fellas, treat your pretty little lady to something sweet today, because she may not make you any sandwiches for lunch anymore...this would be terrible because it is also Sandwich Day!
November 4th is 'Waiting For The Barbarians Day'. Now I'm not particularly sure on how to celebrate this day. I however would dress up like a barbarian and maybe throw a theme party. I mean if that's your knack.
Whip out your guns cowboys, criminals, cops, and hunters (no shooting!), because on November 5th you should be worshiping gun powder. It may sound a little odd, but today is Gun Powder Day. I think I'll pass, I'm terrified of guns.
This is the day to let your kids practice on that saxophone that you bought them for music class. I know it may not be music to your ears, but you have to embrace the sax, because on the 6th it is Saxophone Day. Haha!
Yum, yum, on November 7th we can all pig out on bittersweet chocolate with almonds. Why? Because today is National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day! Oh yeah!
Today we can all embrace the idiot within, because today (November 8th) is National Dunce Day.
On the 9th of November it is Chaos Never Dies Day. I'm not sure how they want us to celebrate a fact, but umm...yeah, have fun celebrating Chaos Never Dies Day. However you can.
Forget Me Not Day is to be celebrated on November 10th. This is a fun day for stalkers. Why not send everyone on your stalkers list a forget me not card, or a long email...you know so they don't forget you.
On the 11th we are to celebrate Air Day! About time! Why not make it an Eco-friendly day by carpooling, or riding your bike to work or school? Spread the word, this is a holiday everyone should celebrate.
November 12th is National Pizza With The Works, Except Anchovies Day! Everyone loves a pizza night, so go all out on the 12th.
On November 13th it's time to get to the stove and make some pudding. Indian pudding that is. Reason? Today is National Indian Pudding Day. Sounds good to me!
Anyone here know an operation nurse? If so, it's time to appreciate him/her, especially today November 14th, because it is Operation Room Nurse Day.
Open up your fridge; no it's not time to eat, it's actually time to clean out your fridge. I'm sure there are slews of things in there that you don't use; so throw them out, because November 15th is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day!
On the 16th why not invite granny over to take a look at her life long button collection? Today is Button Day! Try using buttons for crafts on this day, sew one to a sweater, or a back pack to give it some flair.
Get your big butt of the couch on November 17th and go somewhere...no cars allowed, because today is Take a Hike Day! Not only that, it's a perfect opportunity for you to tell your kids to take a hike.
November 18th is geared more towards those interested in the occult, because today is Occult Day. For those not interested in participating in any rituals or spells should go to the library and perhaps read up on the occult. It's a good day to gain some knowledge on the subject if you know little about it.
As if I don't have enough bad days in my life, they go and throw in a holiday for it on the 19th. This day we are all to Have a Bad Day Day. I'm so not feeling this one, but odds are I'll have a bad day even if I'm not trying to. Sigh.
On the 20th we should all celebrate Absurdity Day! Yay! As if I don't have enough of these days already. Haha.
On the 21st we can all lie to one another because today is False Confessions Day. That seems stupid, but whatever. On this day we are also scheduled for World Hello Day. So umm..yeah go around saying 'hello' to strangers. I'm going to have to pass on this one though, it seems whenever I say howdy to a stranger I introduce myself to a psycho stalker. My recommendation: Be careful with this one.
Everyone has always dreamed about owning or ruling their own country, then...reality sets in. It's not happening, but for some reason on the 22nd we are scheduled to Start Your Own Country Day. Good luck with that one. (Oh yeah, it's also Thanksgiving!)
November 23rd is Cashew Day. On this day eat lots of cashew, or perhaps cook with them. I cannot stand cashews, so I will be passing...to everyone else; pig out!
Here is a nice dangerous holiday that I recommend passing on November 24th: Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day.
Wait what?! Yeah, I didn't make a typo, it truly is Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day. So what terrorist made up this holiday? Pass!
Mmmm...On the 25th is is Parfait Day! I love parfaits, so I'll head down to Mickey D's and pick up a bunch of em' and pig the hell out!
The 26th of November is Shopping Reminder Day. I have no idea what the hell that even means. Someone needs to re-evaluate this list.
The 27th is geared more towards crafty guys and gals, because today is Pins and Needles Day. So sew something up...and to you less crafty people why not pull out a pair of jeans that you have been meaning to hem since you bought them?
Another crafty holiday is set for November 28th. It is Make Your Own Head Day. Maybe draw your face on a balloon, or mold yourself in clay. For me, it sounds like too much work. Pass.
Yawn! November 29th is Square Dance Day.
On the 30th we can all sit at home and skip work or school, because today is Stay At Home Because Your Well Day. So...if your sick, get up!
And there you have it, a holiday to celebrate for each and every day in the month of November. I'd recommend skipping a few myself...either way though, have fun, and enjoy these weird and bizarre holidays.

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