Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Weener Cleaner: A Fun Gift for Your Male Friends

I never know what to get for my male friends when birthdays or holidays arise. I always get stumped, and I never want to spend over $20 on them. Most men I have bought gifts for in the past end up in the trash or re-gifted.
I soon found though that if I bought them funny gag gifts they would actually use them, or proudly display them somewhere.
When my sisters husband turned 30, I wanted to get him something special, something funny, and something I knew he wouldn't mind having around the house. I searched local malls endlessly, and hopelessly, then finally hidden in the dirty section of a local gift shop I found the perfect gift.
The Weener Kleener. Oh man! When I saw this nasty little gag gift I knew it was something he would either try to use, or at least leave in his bathroom for guests to see.
The weener kleener comes cleverly packaged with a funny saying, which states that the Weener Kleener adds pleasure to their showering experience, at your age you will be grateful it does. If the Weener Kleener ever becomes stuck, soak the area with cold water.
The Weener Kleener basically is a ring of yellow/orange colored soap. It is designed to wrap around the penis for a good wenner scrub. It is a one size fits most dirty old men bar.
The bar can also be used by couples for some good clean fun!
Now I am not sure how well the Weener Kleener works, but by the looks of it, it should do just fine... that is if you actually intend on opening it up and using it. Mind you, I am not asking my brother in law how it worked.
When he opened it up, he got a good laugh from his new Weener Kleener.
He placed the Weener Kleener in his bathroom right by the toilet paper holder for all to see it when they are in the bathroom. I am glad that I finally was able to find a gift for a guy that he actually liked.
Recently though I noticed the Weener Kleener is missing from it's usual resting place. Dear God, I don't want to know.
I recommend the Weener Kleener for that dirty old man in your life. It makes for a fun controversial piece for the bathroom. I recommend you use it for bathroom decorational purposes only... but hey... if you're feeling lonely...
Where to find Weener Kleener:
You know the section in gift shops that have the black Over The Hill merchandise? Well this is the same section where you can find Weener Kleener. They may also sell it in local Spencer's stores nationwide.
Online you may purchase Weener Kleener at for $7.89. The ring of Weener Kleener weighs in at 2 ounces. Most likely it will last about 10-15 showers.
The Weener Kleener makes for awesome birthday, retirement, Bar mitzvahs, valentine's day and Christmas gift.

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