Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review of Philosophy's the Supernatural Blotting Papers

Ever roll a cigarette or hey, how bout' a funny cigarette? They annoying small tracing paper rolling papers had always been a pain in the keester, and I usually left rolling cigs to the pros with little fingers.
Who would of thought though that Philosophy would adopt this tracing paper trend and turn it into a facial oil blotter? At first I thought these blotting papers were something special, that perhaps they came infused with some sort of drying ingredient that would dry the oily shine from my face making me look clean and refreshed.
I bought the blotting papers online at their site at for $10.00 and shipping. I assumed they would be something special, and in the summer months, when my skin shines the most, I also assumed that I needed them. Hah!
Philosophy's blotter papers are called 'The Supernatural'.
The blotters came in a small purse sized matchbook like compartment. Inside I imagined there were about 20 to 30 pieces of paper blotters. The whole concept however seemed fantastic, that was until I peeled one of the papers out of the compartment, and realized that I had just spent $10.00 on some God damn tracing paper! Thin frigging paper! Nothing special about them at all. God did I feel stupid.
In all efforts though to make myself feel better, I placed the small square on my forehead. After removing the paper I did notice the excess grease left behind on the paper, but I was not impressed, and here is why:
For one, I could get the same exact result by placing a sheet of tracing paper on my head, for literally a few penny's. Not only that could also get the same results by blotting a square of toilet paper on my head. 1 ply.
I felt like the biggest moron in the world. I had just spent a large sum of money on extremely small sheets of tracing paper, and they provided nothing extra to my skin. Nothing! Zilch, nada, not a freakin' thing!
I wanted to write Philosophy ad thank them for tricking their customers into thinking they were buying something that provided benefits to the skin. They should be more honest in their product description, which in my opinion should go something like this.
"We cut up some tracing paper into small sample pieces so you can stick them on to your face. We hope you don't realize that these 'Supernatural' blotters are nothing but tracing paper. These sample pieces of paper only cost us a nickle, but we packaged them into a cheap matchbook, and now we ask for $10.00. It's only fair. We do hope that you do not go out and buy your own book of tracing paper for only a few cents. Besides, how would big companies such as our survive if customers were to figure out or dirty little secret?"
Visit for Philosophy's 'real' item description.
I really have been fond of Philosophy for their 3 in 1 washes, but I know now to avoid anything and everything else they sell besides their 3 in 1's. Most of their beauty items are over priced, cheap, and poorly constructed.
I'm pretty mad at myself for ordering these cigarette rolling papers, thinking they'd provide something more than a piece of toilet paper could. The biggest rip-off I have come in contact with in a very long time.

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