Thursday, July 31, 2014

Looking for New Halloween Decorations? - Try Krypt Kiddies Raven Series 1 Baby Dol

Seeing how Halloween is my favorite holiday, I figured it would be the perfect time to discuss one of my favorite window decorations; Krypt Kiddies.
What are they?
Krypt Kiddies are seriously a one of a kind baby doll. They are a clan of creepy dolls done up in fashions so scary that toy stores would never display them on their shelves. Yep, they would scare the hell out of little girls. Baby dolls are done up with horns, fangs, green faces, red faces, the have scars, they have red eyes, and they are awesome.
However today I wanted to focus on my favorite Krypt Kiddie in all of the series. Her name is Raven. Instead of coming with a birth certificate she comes with a death certificate. This certificate tells what day she died, how she died, and why she was doomed to walk the earth as a Krypt Kiddie. Each and every Krypt Kiddie comes with a different death certificate, and reasonings to why they died, and when.
Raven though is special compared to the rest, only because she looks so evil. She has gray colored skin, with scars all on her face. Her hair is black, and small horns grow from her head. Her teeth are as sharp as razors, and she has a smile that gets etched into your mind. Her eyes are fire red, and she looks like she means business! Evil business. Raven sports a black dress and black fingernails to match.
Basically she is one dark looking doll, and her presence on any window sill or counter really sets the Halloween mood.
Everyone who sees my Raven doll always has questions, the first being, 'why did you get such an ugly doll?' and after explaining that she makes an awesome eerie Halloween prop, people then want to know where I got her.
Where to find Krypt Kiddies:
They are not sold everywhere, and my Raven doll was picked up in my local mall in HOT TOPIC. So Hot Topic is a spot to buy new Krypt Kiddies. They even sell series 1 dolls still, and some of them have series 2 dolls. Raven though is part of the series 1 collection, so finding her can be difficult; but not impossible.
The best way to obtain the Raven doll is to search online auction sites such as or check Usually you can always find her there, waiting to come home with you.
For photos and ordering of Krypt Kiddies you can visit the official site at Stop in to view the other dolls this site has to offer. If you don't like Raven, you are sure to find a doll to suit your Halloween needs.
I find the best spot to display my clan of Krypt Kiddies is in our front window with a red light beaming down on them. This creates a really eerie display for trick-or-treaters who walk by the house.
Overall, they are high quality made dolls, and have that special touch that you will not find in a regular little girls play toy.
Krypt Kiddies sell from anywhere from $15.00 to $50.00+. Raven however only ran me $30.00. She however, was money well spent in my opinion.

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