Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cigarette Review: Newport Menthol's

I'm a smoker, I have no problems admitting that, but before you quickly scurry down the page the judge me in my comment section do know that this review is and only is intended for smokers looking to branch out and try new brands of tobacco.
This fine morning I am focusing my attention, and opinion on Newport Menthol's.
The Smoke:
Newport Menthol's are not for everyone. They have an aftertaste like no other cigarette, and if you can stomach it, you deserve mad kudos.
Newport Menthol's have a tooth paste like after taste, that truly goes down smoothly. These are the cigarettes that will make you feel as if you have fresh breath, or like you have just brushed your teeth.
Many of my close friends are hooked to this particular brand. They say the minty aftertaste allows them to breath better! Hah! Go figure!
My opinion:
I can't dog on the brand and tell you not to try them, because my opinion is just that; my opinion. I will say this though, Newport Menthol's are probably the only brand of cigarettes that I cannot stomach.
The taste of toothpaste with my cigarette is just not my cup of tea. They have a smooth, light tobacco taste to them, with a thunder roar of mint that follows, it's pretty harsh if I say so myself.
While smoking Newport Menthol's I tend to inhale way more of the cigarette because I cannot really feel it when my lungs have become full. The result is me choking out a bunch of minty smoke that tickles my throat. Sorry but it is uncomfortable.
I'm actually baffled as to how some can actually smoke these religiously. To each his own though right?
The packaging:
Newport Menthol's come in a green and white box. At the bottom of the box you can easily distinguish this brand from the rest by looking for the upside down Nike logo. (That's what it looks like to me anyway).
If you already know you like menthol smokes, than you may really enjoy Newport Menthol's. However if you have never tried them, odds are you won't like them. I can't not recommend them because they are very popular cigarettes. To save money though, bum one from a friend first before buying a pack, and see how you like them.
You can pick up a box or soft pack of Newport Menthol's anywhere from $5.00 to $6.00 depending on where you are from.
-Smoking causes cancer, and other harmful issues to your health. Pregnant women should not smoke! Duuuh!

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