Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holidays in the Month of October

Everyone knows about Christmas, Halloween, The 4th Of July, and Easter...but did you know that there are holidays every single day of the week that most American's are completely unaware of?
I have decided to compile a list for the month of October! You have a lot of celebrating to do, so let's get started with October 1st, which is World Vegetarian Day. Yep! No eating meat today! Got that!?
On October 2nd we are all to give our car a name. I am sure there are a few people reading this right now, whom have not named their cars yet? My cars name is Princess; what's yours? October 2nd is name your car day, so...name your freaking car already!
October 3rd is virus appreciation day!? Ummm...this one confuses me because there are no viruses that I particularly appreciate. I think I will pass on this one.
On the 4th is time to hit the holes! Golf that is. It's national golf day! I'm not a huge fan, but what a good excuse for the fellas looking to get away from the house for the afternoon....'it's national golf day hunny...it's a very important event (that you probably didn't even know existed till now).
On October 5th is is national story telling day. So ummm...go out and tell a story. Perhaps to a kid, a neighbor...heck you can even lie and make your story more interesting!
On October 6th we should all be celebrating Come and Take It Day. I'm not really sure what the hell this one is about, but I am assuming it means you should give away your left over yard sale crap that didn't sell this summer?
On the 7th we are all to have Frappe's...because it is National Frappe day! Oh boy!
The 8th of October we are to celebrate American Tag Day. I umm...no comment.
Oh boy, time to leave out the cheese boys and girls! Its national moldy cheese day on the 9th!? So umm.... don't eat it.
On the 10th of October we all need to get our ovens roaring, because it is national angel foods cake day. That's right, get to baking. Slave away at the oven today.
On October 11th we are all scheduled for It's My Party Day. I guess this is a party we are supposed to throw for .... reasons only God knows. However if everyone throws a party this day, who will come? Yeah, I'm, confused! Skip!
Ready for a sore throat? If not, you will on October 12th, because it is International Moment of Frustration Scream Day! Today we can scream whenever we get frustrated! Cool! This is totally going to be used at work on this day.
On the 13th we should all be celebrating National Peanuts Day...by eating a lot of peanuts?
The 14th is dedicated to all you bald but beautiful men out there! Today is the day to shed your hats and display your shiny bald beauts to the world, because it is National Be Bald and Be Free Day! Oh yeah, let the scalp breathe a little gez!
October 15th is white cane safety day. I am not sure what the hell this is, but umm happy white can safety day!?
The 16th is Dictionary Day, so crack the whip on your kids and have them learn a long hard word they had never heard before. Hehe... you may as well take a peek yourself yah bum!
The 17th is Gaudy Day...so go ahead, drink, eat and be gaudy!
On October 18th the partying continues with No Beard Day! Ladies crack out the razor, and shave yah mans!
On October 19th I want everyone to sit down and evaluate their lives. What's good, what's bad... the whole nine. Now write it down and share with a friend. It's national evaluate your life day! Sounds fun... I guess....if you have a nice life and all.
On the 20th everyone will be celebrating National brandied fruit day.
The 21st is something I do everyday. It's national babbling day. We all do this daily, I guess it is about time we celebrated our babblings.
The 22nd of October is National Nut day...I guess National Peanut Day was not good enough, and all of the other nuts felt left out.
Everyone has a mole right? Well share your mole with friends and co workers, show them your big nasty mole...because today is national mole day. Celebrate the cancer spot!
On the 24th pack your kids lunch bags with big bologna sandwiches! Today is national bologna day...so umm...eat it?
The 25th is Punk For a Day, Day. On this day we can all act up like rowdy out of control punks, and then we can use the holiday's name as out excuse for our ill behavior...yay!
Worship thy mule today, because on this day (October 26th) it is National Mule day! O'lay!
The 27th is Sylvia Plath Day.
The 28th is Plush Animal Lover's Day. Cool, all you dorks can bring your plush's to work, or school...or what have yous.
On the 29th you have a perfectly good excuse as to why you don't have to leave the house. Today is National Hermit's Day. So burb it up...stay inside today, zone out to Twilight Zone. Enjoy this peace and tranquility.
The 30th is National Candy Corn Day...as if you or your kids won't be seeing enough of this stuff tomorrow!
The 31st is National Increase Your Psychic Powers Day.... oh yeah, and hello it's Halloween.
So now you have exactly 31 days of holidays just for October. Have fun, enjoy them, and pass it on to friends.
Novembers odd holiday's no one knows about, will be published next month. Enjoy!

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