Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Shopping Pet Peeves

I love shopping, love, love, love it. Hell, I'd even shop for someone else, and still enjoy it. But like any shop-o-haulic, all it takes is one bad experience; one itty bitty little thing that is off, that can throw this whole wonderful experience into the dumps.
I figured I would list these things, that, piss me off while I am shopping.
1. Of course a rude employee can ruin an entire shopping excursion. You know the ones, blowing gum bubbles in your face, the ones frowning, and the ones who have a hard time saying hi, or goodbye.
2. I get really mad when someone stops their cart right in the middle of the isle while you are behind them. Then they will whip up a conversation while I, and a group of other disgruntled shoppers wait it out. No matter how many times you say excuse me, they still sit there acting deaf to the situation. I usually will cuss, or slam my cart into theirs if I am pissed enough. It seems to work? Go figure, giving rudeness back to rudeness seems to work.
3. I hate when something is placed in the sale bin, and when I bring it up to the counter, it's not on sale.
4. I get pissed when something actually is on sale, and the idiot employee rings it up for a non sale price, yet when I tell them it is on sale, they have me wait 10 minutes while a manager comes over to fix it.
5. A nice shopping trip can be ruined before you even step foot into the store, for one, someone can steal your parking spot, or two some moron has their stupid out of control 5 year old push the cart right into your ankles as you attempt to walk into the store.
6. Over crowding! I can't stand it. I'm not talking about a crowded store either, I'm talking about when you are looking at toothpaste, and all of a sudden a big fat fatty stands so close to you that you can smell her sweat. This big fat fatty knows what she is doing, she is chasing you away so she can have a closer look at what you are looking at.
You can either leave, say excuse me, or have a stand off. It's up to you, and your mood at this point. I usually say excuse me in the most pissy of attitudes. I don't like people with their god damn diseases breathing down my neck, or even standing close enough to me as to where their lice can hop into my hair.
People need to wait their damn turn before just steeping up so closely to someone else, because one of these days some unlucky little lady is going to get a fist in her face.
7. Spilled milk! I don't cry over it, but I certainly do not like stepping in it while I'm out food shopping. For that matter, they may as well clean up the cracked bottle of ketchup on isle 4.
8. Smelling smoke! I am a smoker, but I certainly do not want to smell it while I'm shopping. I don't know what manager is in the back room thinking it is okay to puff away while people are in the next room over. We smell your smoke, please take it outside. I also hate smelling weed. I don't know how many times I have gone into craft shops in the city smelling marijuana all around the store. It's rude, it's nasty, and employees doing this should be fired.
9. Cussing customers. As if dealing with rude employees isn't enough, you are almost bound to run into a group of rebellious thugs walking around with their asses hanging out and cussing up a storm with each sentence they speak. For one, their are children around, and 2 cussing in public really makes you look low class. As if hanging your pants down to the floor isn't nasty enough, they go and talk nasty too.
10. PDA- That's right, public displays of affection. I don't mind seeing someone hug or give a cheek kiss in stores when they meet up with someone they know. But when I see people making out and feeling each other up, I want to throw up. No one wants to smell your sex. Keep it at home you damn slobs.
11. Loud obnoxious children! Now don't get me wrong. I love kids, but I cannot stand it when I come across a mother and her rude vile child who is throwing things, screaming that they want this and need that, and running up and down isles as the mother goes about her business like the child is not even hers. It's obvious the kid needs to be taken out back for a smack down. I don't care how many people say don't hit your kids! I got hit as a kid, and I grew up with morals, and respect! Maybe more kids these days need a smack down every now and then.
12. Tits. Yeah tits, I said tits. Bulging nasty deformed tits. I have tits, I'm a woman. But I don't understand why woman have to flop their tits out to feed their kid. I don't care how many woman out there have fought for this stupid law. It should not be allowed anywhere, and don't give me that B.S about how a man can go shirtless, and how I am sexist. Again, I'm a woman. I do not want to see mothers breast feeding out in restaurants, or in play palaces in malls. Have a little respect for people around you. Yes I understand your kid has to eat! Take it to the bathroom then, or your car. No one wants to see your damn purple ta-tas. I don't know how many times I have had to have 'talks' with my 4 year old niece because of mothers who have no respect for anyone but themselves and their hungry baby! Think about the kids around you who have to watch your kid eating from your tit!
13. Places that stay open while they are renovating! Instead of warning shoppers about renovations, we are greeted at the front door with hammering, saw dust, and nasty construction workers. If a store is having renovations they should close down for a few days, instead of having shoppers come in risking health and safety. Our local Kohl's has just been renovating, and they had shoppers walk around the saw dust, the scrap metal, the nails, and other tools they had lying around. I find this uncomfortable, and extremely greedy for a company to do this.
14. Next.... I cannot stand it when I am done shopping and I go up to check out only to see that there is only one frigging employee to check everyone out. The line is huge, and it takes almost 20 minutes just to check out. How the hell is their only one employee on counter? Seriously whoever manages stores like this should be fired.
15. Cut! The line cutter pisses me off more than anything. I had one jerk at the bank cut me the other day, and his little plan didn't work out as planned. Hah! The line was out the door, and I of course was the one right at the door, when a teen-aged boy comes through saying excuse me. As if I was holding the door open for him or something. So I move out of the way, and he simply cuts right in front of me. I at first assumed he was going over to the side counter to get some deposit slips or something. But no, he cut right in front of me. So I let it slide, up until he was next on line. I then said, 'you're not really going to cut me are you? I was not holding the door open for you before. It's pretty damn rude that you would think your going next after I already had waited 10 minutes before you even got here.'
The loser apologized, and let me go ahead. I then topped it off with a cuss word here and there. Sorry, but I can't stop cussing when some little retard tries to take advantage of me.
16. Weather can also ruin a shopping trip. It can be a sun shiny day when you head out to shop, and the moment you are about to exit the car into the store, it pours. Walking around a wet rag just ruins a good shopping day.
There are many other means that people, and surrounding events can totally destroy a shopping excursion. Honestly there are so many negative factors surrounding shopping, that I can honestly say, maybe once a year I have a pleasant one. Other than that I am surrounded by a rude world, cruel weather, and events that I cannot control

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