Thursday, July 31, 2014

Green Earth: The Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Nowadays green earth is what most people are all about, saving the environment, and keeping it a clean and safe place for our future generations. With global warming on the rise, we all need to pool together and begin changing our lifestyle, and one small simple change would be by buying Eco-friendly products.
Not only are these Eco-friendly goods spectacular, but they help out in the battle of saving mother earth.
One product I have had my eye on since it hit the market is the Hydrofoil Water Scooter. This is a lightweight water toy that literately allows you to skim over the waters surface at speeds up to 17 miles per hour. Not only is is fuel free, but it also makes for an excellent carido vascularwork out. It works simply by hopping gently up and down. What is best, is it costs way less than a jet ski. You can have one for $499.95. To view photos of this spectacular eco-friendly scooter visit this link.
The next Eco-friendly gift takes recycling to whole new creative levels. At you can purchase an actual vinyl record that has been converted into a bowl. The designer Jeff Davis has created this neat pieces, and the bowls actually contain the original label protected with a mylar seal. These are cool, they'd make a great conversational piece, and best of all, they are a small step towards saving our environment. These bowls retail for $24.99. Visit the site to order one now.
One item I found that would make an awesome gift for any real estate agent or broker, LAND! That's right, I said LAND.
A Greenpoint is one square meter of land. By purchasing this Greenpoint you will be getting 10 square feet of land for $39.90 in Queensland, Austria. Once you purchase the lad it is legally yours, and the money you have spent on it will be used for restoration of the sub-tropical forest that used to make up the land. It's for a really good cause, and makes an awesome one of a kind gift. Visit for more information on purchasing your land.
Another fun gift to purchase is a New York City Sewer throw rug. These neat rugs are made from 100% recycled truck tires. These rugs cost $23.99, and would make the perfect gift for any environmentalist. Visit the site to purchase these rugs at
Solar lighting is also another great Eco-friendly gift to give to someone, or to yourself. It saves on electricity costs, and does not consume energy. These lights can be found at almost any super store for low prices. Plants and trees also make for excellent gifts. They provide oxygen, and look pretty while doing so.
So even if you're doing a small part in helping save the environment, know that a small part is better than doing nothing at all.
For more Eco-friendly gifts do a search.
Blackle is googles way of helping the environment. It is believed that by viewing a screen in black and white uses less energy, so stop googling, and Blackle! You would not believe how much energy is consumed every time you do a google search.
There are so many unique environmental friendly products available look through as many as you can, you are sure to find something that would tickle your fancy, while saving the earth.

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