Thursday, July 31, 2014

If He Cheats on Me Only in My Dreams, Why Do I Wake Up Mad?

My boyfriend cheats on my dreams.
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years, our relationship like any has it's ups, it's downs and its all arounds. But in general I have a happy and healthy relationship. I love the guy with all my heart, and I feel as if I have found my soul mate.
However some mornings I wake up and I hate him. I am so mad at him, and I end up eventually ruining the day. It's really a little crazy, how I manage to ruin the day based on a dream; but I do. I am a selfish wacko, nut cased freak, but I am not the only woman who has had this happen to her.
Your sleeping away, la, dee, dah, dee, dah... and then out of nowhere you find yourself throw into the oddest of situations. Your boyfriend is telling you he has cheated on you...or perhaps you caught him slamming his man hood into some other chicks taco? Perhaps you only caught him making out, or perhaps you witnessed him proposing to another woman right in front of you.
No matter how the dream goes, its always a bad one. It's you being left behind, being betrayed, and it's a downright crappy ass feeling.
However when you wake up from the cheating nightmare you feel betrayed still, even though he is right their laying beside you, you sort of still hold a grudge...because of a dream. How odd to behave this way, but I do. Sometimes I will even pick a stupid fight because of it.
Then you have those dreams where it's you who is the cheater. In the dream you know it's bad, and you know you have a boyfriend, yet you go against everything you normally stood for as you let some dream guy have his way with you. Pretty odd. But what's even more odd, is when you wake up, and you still feel guilty. Wowie! Or am I the only one?
I doubt that, otherwise you're a flipping liar man. Everyone has had nightmares like this before, yet I have always wondered why it is so traumatic that it could seriously effect the rest of your day towards your loved one.
I read up on the meaning behind dreams, but what the hell do they know, no one even knows why we dream, yet they have explanations to them. These explanations range from you feeling guilty and cheating because perhaps you are going to one day walk out on them.
If you were the one being cheated on perhaps it is because you don't trust the person, or maybe you don't feel attractive anymore. Or perhaps I am sooo psychic that my subconscious mind is 'telling me something.'
I know that he would never cheat on me, nor would I cheat on him. Yet there he is, in my dreams bumping and grinding with some blond bimbo.
Maybe I hate blonds? Yet I am a blond!? Yet thats not me? Hah!
It's enough to drive me insane, trying to figure out the answers, I do know though that I should not allow these dreams to affect my actual mood and behavior towards him, and that shouldn't feel guilty when I happen to be making it with someone in my dreams. These types of dreams are normal, and I am sure everyone has had dreams like this. There is nothing weird about it.
Seeing how none of the explanations I found on the net fit the bill to me and my relationship, I sort of had to make my own assumptions as to why I had these dreams every now and then. I drew up a few conclusions of my own, but honestly, whatever the reason is...cheating dreams suck.

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