Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Weird Holidays to Celebrate in September

Everybody loves weird unusual little facts and tid bits, so why not some weird and unusual holidays to celebrate in September to brighten each and every day of the month...and in some cases to depress us. Either way though, holidays are always fun to celebrate, so I decided to compile the list of unusual holidays celebrated in September that not many people are aware of.
For starters on September 1st we are due to celebrate Emma M. Nut Day. I know some of you are scratching your heads right now, and for those who don't know about her, she was the first female telephone operator. So today we are celebrating her, because she stepped foot into a career where only men and younger boys were hired! Yay to women and their careers today!
The 2nd of September is quite interesting. It is National Beheading Day! Um...we don't do this anymore here in America...but you know if they brought it back, today would be the day to bring out all the pedophiles and behead the pieces of crap. Which head? Oh hehehe.... you decide.
September 3rd is Sky Scraper Day. Take a trip into the city, take some photos of sky scrapers, and appreciate the time and effort that went into building these works of sky art.
On the 4th why not tip your newspaper carrier more than you usually would; or perhaps buy them a gift. They need to be appreciated too! Today is Newspaper Carrier Day!
Cool, on September 5th I plan on being late to work. Today is Be Late For Something Day...so this is the perfect opportunity for me to get away with being late to work. Yeah!
Sorry to all you procrastinators out there. A lot of people are going to be on your case today, because on the 6th, it is Fight Procrastination Day. This would also be a good day to finish that project you have been putting off.
On the 7th of September it is Neither Rain Nor Snow Day. I'm a bit confused, maybe it will hail?
September 8th is a gross one in my opinion. It is National Date Nut Bread Day. Ech for me, but yum for some.
Awe I remember celebrating Teddy Bear Day back in nursery school. On this day all of the children brought in their favorite teddies, and had an outdoor picnic with them. This is a nice holiday to celebrate with children in pre-school. September 9th, mark it teach!
September 10th is Swap Ideas Day. This should be interesting, so long as you have ideas. Hehe.
September 11th is No News Is Good News Day. In my opinion it is also a day to give silent prayers to all of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01, and also give prayers to those who have lost their loved ones.
The 12th is National Pet Memorial Day.
September 13th is Defy Superstition Day.
On the 14th we will all gain a few pounds due to the fact that it is National Cream Filled Donut Day. Boy oh boy, I'll take a chocolate cream filled!
September 15th we are all to wear our felt hats, because for some ridiculous reason it is Felt Hat Day.
September 16th is Stay Away From Seattle Day. So everyone who lives there...yah'd better leave. Today is also a good day to get to the beach or ocean to collect rocks. It is of course Collect Rocks Day.
September 17th is Apple Dumpling Day. Mmm...okay, I never had one of these but it sounds pretty freaking good.
The 18th is designed for kids, it is Play-Dough Day. So whip out the clay and get busy with your kids today. Sculpt anything, and everything that comes to mind. Let those creative juices flow.
The 19th is a holiday my dad is going to like, it is Butterscotch Pudding Day. None of that crappy shake in a container kind! Only the delicious oven cooked kind! Got it!?
September 20th is Punch Day. Either drink lots of punch today, or punch a lot of people. The choice is yours.
September 21st is National Banana Festival Day. Some states actually participate in this festival. If your state is not one of them though, celebrate it your own way. Perhaps by cooking up a strange meal that call for bananas as an ingredient.
September 22nd is Dear Diary Day. I used to write in a diary, perhaps today would be a good day to start back up again. Today is also a day for Lord of the Ring fans, because it is Hobbit Day.
The 23rd is Dogs In Politics Day. Umm... no comment. Tee-hee.
The 24th is Festival of Latest Novelties Day. This sounds cool, but I have no idea where this festival takes place.
My boyfriend will like this one. The 25th he can totally nerd out on Comic Books Day.
On September 26th you are to honor your good neighbor on Good Neighbor Day...or if you are a bad neighbor, today is a day to be a good one, got that!?
September 27th is Crush A Can Day. This is odd, but go ahead and crush them cans today! I would recommend recycling, but whatever floats your boat.
I thought there was no such thing as a stupid question!? September 28th is Ask A Stupid Question Day.
The 29th is Poisoned Blackberries Day. Umm...don't eat them?
Last but not least is National Mud Pack Day which occurs on the 30th. Go roll around in the mud, or go to the spa for a mud bath today. It's really good for the skin and what not.

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