Tuesday, July 29, 2014

10 Extremely Fun Activities to Do in the Snow

Snow is on my mind today...probably because is is October 5th and it is 82 degrees right now on Long Island. Can anyone say global warming!?
Anyhow, due to this bizarre weather today I began to daydream about snow while sweat poured from my pits. I began to think about the fun things that will await me this winter. The activities! The freaking fun activities!
Most people hate snow, I'm not one of them. I love it, I love seasons, I embrace the weather and wish it could last longer.
This is obviously not a list for those who can't stand the icy cold fluff.
1. Sleigh riding!
Hello! Who doesn't love sleigh riding!? Every year me and my family go out to the Southampton Golf Course and ride down the famously huge hill. They blocked it off a few years ago though...yes you suck golf course owner dude... sucky suckitty sucker sucks. Come on let us back in! Please?
2. Snowman Building!
Oh yeah, use your frosty building skills when it snows. I know, I know, it's cold, I'm freezing! Wahhhh.... quit your whining and get to building. There is nothing more magical than a snowman in the front yard for people to view when they drive by. It's like a free Christmas lawn ornament!
3. Snowball Fight!
Hhahaha! Snowball fights can easily start up when it snows out, and all you have to do is wait for your significant other to get home from work...and....'sling'. This is how most snowball fights occur at my house. It starts of friendly, then gets nasty, then friendly...and then some little baby ends up crying. Bwhahaha!
4. Pee Writing!
Only boys and men can participate in this fun game. It's a game where you have to try your best to spell your name, and your lovers name inside of a heart on the snow before your pee runs out. Look at that steam! Amazing! You can also draw pictures, or spell out cuss words for others to see. It's gross, it's nasty...but hot damn it's hilarious.
5. Snow Angels!
Don't lay in the pee writing though! Everyone knows how to make one, but how many here reading this can raise their hands and say 'I have not made a snow angel since I was a kid'. No wonder you are so grumpy! Trust me, making a snow angle gives you a sense of life, it's energizing...and although it is childish, it's really therapeutic at the same time.
Making a snow angel last year actually was what gave me back my Christmas spirit. I had none at all last year, and I was surprised to find that such a simple action could take me back to a time where Christmas was magical and exciting. Try it! Please!
6. Igloo Building!
I can remember a time as if it were yesterday. Me and my dad were outside after a huge snowstorm. Seriously there was about 4 feet of snow on the ground, and instead of being the lazy sit and watch TV while waiting for the snow to melt dad, he went outside and built me an igloo. This event although it was so small and insignificant became a memory that I will cherish forever. So moms and dads out there, remember that. It's the little things that count.
7. Brain Freeze Game!
This game was played by my cousins and I when we were wee ones. We would all chow down on the snow until we had a brain freeze. The last person to have a brain freeze won the game. It sounds sick, it sounds strange...but hell yes it was a rock on time.
8. Shoe Writing!
The best thing about snow as we all know, is being the first one to walk in it. You look outside, and you see a fresh sheet of snow on the ground...and would you look at that, not a single foot print in it.
Now you must hurry up, put on your clothes, and get your shoes...go mark your territory by walking around in the front yard in a way so that you spell your name out. When everyone else wakes up (especially brothers or sisters) they will be pretty pissed off at you. But hey, you were the first to mark that snow with your name. Oh yeah!
9. Snow Boarding!
How can you not think of snowboarding when you think of snow. Although I truly suck at this sport (and nearly ever other sport known to man), it's pretty fun...till someone sprains an ankle.
10. Skiing!
Last but surely not least. This is another sport I suck at. For those who rock the slopes though, bravo to you! Booyah!
Snow rules...if you hate snow, why not try some or even one of these activities...embrace the snow...it does not last long. At least where I am from.
Another gnarly activity to do in the snow is inner tube pulling. Tie it to the back of your dads truck, and away weeee go!

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