Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cigarettes Cause Diarrhea

How many of you smokers out there have awoken in the morning, and felt fine and dandy...up until you lit yourself up a cigarette and took a few puffs, then suddenly out of nowhere your stomach starts gurgling, and shifting like the ocean during a storm? Before you know it your holding your hand to your bum, praying you don't splat diarrhea all over the place?
I know I have.
It's not something that happens all of the time, but I can; as a smoker, definitely say that diarrhea can be activated by a few puffs to the cancer stick. I can be feeling fine and dandy, and suddenly....boom...bam....pow...I have to run to chuck the butt and run to the bathroom, before my butt chucks.
However, like most smokers, I never took the time to figure out why out of nowhere my smoke stick caused this strange reaction in my tum. I am aware of all of the toxins and poisons in cigarette smoke, but I never actually sat down and read up on why cigarette smoke causes me to nearly crap my pants out of nowhere.
I know it may sound funny to some of you, but there is nothing funny about standing outside with a co-worker puffing away on a cigarette, and then suddenly have the urge to take a dump right there on the sidewalk. You begin to sweat, you start walking funny, and you are praying to God you make it to the toilet before something terrible slips.
So after looking up the toxins and poisons in cigarettes I learned quite a few disturbing things, and I even found the culprit that causes the poops. However before exposing that dirty little poison, I will take the time first to discuss some of the toxins in ciggs...starting with:
1. Acetone... yep, nail polish remover. Hmm... yes...I can see this causing the poops.
2. Ammonia! Dear lord, no wonder I'm feeling ill.
3. that is some potent flammable poo!
4. Benzene...gulp! This stuff kills bugs man!
5. Formaldehyde....gez. They use this to embalm dead bodies.
6. Fiberglass....get out! I had no idea! They put this in so that way the small pieces will cut the smokers lungs to deliver nicotine into the blood faster! Jesus Christ!
7. Carbon Monoxide... another killer.
8. Lead.... heaven help me!
And many, many more toxic fumes and poisons.
I am sure though that many educated folks know about the rest of the toxins and poisons, so I'm not here for an ingredient list...I'm here to try and inform you folks about the ingredient in smokes that I feel is responsible for causing the craps. Turns out when you mix all of these ingredients the poops are bound to happen. The major poop culprit though in my opinion is the Arsenic. This poison is fond in extremely small traces in your smoke, however it causes cramps, diarrhea, skin tumors, and more.... most likely when you combine Arsenic with the rest of the crap found in cigarette smoke what you have is not only a toxic cancer stick, but a highly flammable diarrhea starter.
And there you have it.... the poop culprit. The Arsenic combined with the rest of the poisons will cause the runs. Who'dda thought!?
I know diarrhea caused by cigarettes is not something we'd all pile around the water cooler to talk about, but it is an interesting little fact, and every cigarette smoker knows it.

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