Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Date Him Girl: Website Review One of the Best Sites Out There!

I get my fair share of laughs when I come across funny and interesting websites. But nothing quite puts the cherry on top like
Here at the site women can come on and add the name of the ex boyfriend that wronged them in the relationship. Have you encountered a cheater? A thief? Someone who lied? A married man who claimed he was single? Then this is the site for you!
Besides you don't want someone else to come along and date this loser do you? You want the world to know who to avoid, and why.
Or hey, maybe you just met a guy/girl too good to be true, and you want to take a peek and see if perhaps they're part of the dontdatehimgirl website.
But hey watch your back...if you have done any of the above, I advise you to go and check the site to see if you are on it. Haha!
This site has brought up a lot of controversy, and rumor has it someone is trying to sue because of the allegations posted on the site. Well hey, that's what yah get for being a slime wad! The truth hurts right?
Searching the site at first can be confusing, but I find the easiest way to search the database of dirt bags and dirtettes is to do a key word search on your hometown or city. A list will pop up. See anyone you know? I already found one sleaze ball from my hometown on the site. I would never date him, but hey in case my friends ever thought about it, I know have the info on him that will keep my gal pals far, far away.
You can also click search on the top of the pages main home page, and do a search by name. However many chicks only put in nicknames to spare themselves a lawsuit. So doing the hometown/city search is the best way to go about the site.
On the site you can join up and get updates and what not. I choose to stay clear of becoming a member. I also had no need to post any exes...although the thought did come to mind. I'm a bit shy about displaying the names of my exes and sharing why you shouldn't date him. I'd probably get sued. But for those of you whom have been deeply wronged, and want a way back, this site opens the doors of revenge, and let's the world know all about the slime wad. Hey, hey, you can even add photos.
Even if you have no one on your 'people to write off/kill' list, you should at least check it out to see just whom in your town may be on the list. You will be surprised at what you find, and sometimes shocked.
If you are going to use the site, don't post false accusations. It really takes the purpose of the site away.
A tip to men reading this...I'd boogie on over to see if your name is in the clear, you may be shocked to find that you are part of the dontdatehimgirl list. Haha!
The site is too fun, even if you have no plans for using it, it is definitely worth a look, and a big laugh if you happen to stumble upon a buddy of yours.

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