Thursday, July 31, 2014

Michael Myers Head on a Stake: One Scary DIY Halloween Prop

A few years ago I would never of even considered Walmart for any Halloween props or decorations. Although Walmart always had a Halloween section in their stores, I always found this section to be in shambles, with cheap decorations that most likely would not even last a season if it were to be left on my lawn.
This year though, I started my Halloween decoration and prop shopping early, and just for the hell of it I did a keyword search: Halloween. You would never of guessed it, but I actually came across a slew of really neat, really cheap, and really creepy Halloween items.
One item literately screamed 'buy me', the screaming of course came from Michael Myers, the ghost with the most from the horror classics known as Halloween.
Michael Myer's got his head all up in a jam...well a stake to be precise. Yup, thats right, a Michael Myer's Head on a stake lawn decoration.
I was immediately interested, it was from a horror movie in which I watched year after year, and the decoration itself was something I truly wanted to add to my ever growing collection of props.
Michaels head is life size, and made of latex. But best of all the entire prop looks as real as a prop can look.
I added Michael to my shopping cart at for $29.83, and awaited my newest addition. He came neatly packaged about 2 weeks later. The prop looked as sweet as I had imagined. The entire lawn stake measures in at 4 feet tall, and after punching him into the lawn, it would stand about 3 1/2 feet tall. It was not as tall as I would have liked, but for the cheap price I was willing to take what they gave.
Michael's face looks cold and alive even though he is missing the rest of his body. He has real hair that you can actually style to look neat or messy, and his neck is cut in a fashion so blood and flesh looks as if it is dangling right off of his neck. Pretty sweet for only $29.83.
I placed Michael back in his box, and plan on placing him in the front yard when I begin my Halloween lawn decorating.
Overall this is a very sweet prop to spook up anyones lawn, Michael Myer's fans, and Halloween fans alike will love this one. Who would of thought that you could find such a neat piece at Walmart.
I am not entirely sure whether or not Walmart stores are carrying the head stake or not, but I do know you can find it online at their site. I do plan on stopping in to my local Walmart to see what they will have to offer this year. As of now things look pretty promising.
I recommend the Michael Myer's Head On a Stake, it's constructed with high quality material, and is sure to last for years. I do recommend you bring the stake in during rain storms though. Rain can over time cause fading, and it could possibly ruin his hair.
Check the site for more unusual heads on stakes.
Width= 8 inches
Height=48 inches

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