Thursday, July 31, 2014

Missed Movies: A Website Review

Remember those awesome movies from the 40's that you know in your mind, but cannot find anywhere? I know where to find them. Or how about them awesome flicks from the 80's that are out of print and no longer being sold anywhere except for that has people selling them for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars!? Trust me, there was a horror movie out of print from the 80's I wanted to purchase on DVD, and when I searched it, I surely found it...oh for a deal at $230! Forget that man!
I have found a site though that allows you to purchase these DVD's for way less than what you could buy them for elsewhere. This website sells movies from the 40's to the 90's. All of their movies are on DVD, and come with the original DVD box art. Prices are gnarly at only $11.99 each. If you order more than one, the shipping on the next DVD is free.
So where is this elusive site? It's at and is only a click away from all of your old time favorites.
I picked up a copy of The Midnight Hour, and after shipping charges I only paid $16.54. On ebay I would have spent well over that.
Here is a list of a few movies that may tickle your fancy from the big 80's. These movies on DVD can no longer be purchased at local video stores, and are out of copy.
1. Enter The Ninja
2. A Hobo's Christmas
3. Coward of the Country
4. Electric Dreams
5. A Smokey Mountain Christmas
and many, many, many more.
Some titles from the 90's include:
1. A Mom For Christmas
2. Cool As Ice
3. Fantastic 4
4. Kid n Play: Class Act
5. Me, Myself and I- Corey Haim
6. Psycho IV- The Beginning
Titles from the 70's include:
1. A New Leaf
2. Bilitis
3. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
4. Evil Roy Slade
5. Hot Rod
Titles from the 40's include:
1. Forever Amber
2. That Midnight Kiss
3. The Fountainhead
4. Edison, The Man
There are so many more titles to choose from, and I love the fact that there are so many that interest me, the 80's child. I love how they included earlier years and titles that older folks would love to get their hands on. seriously has it all.
Check out is simple and only requires you to check the movies you want. You are then taken to a screen to add you address in. After that you have to wait for an email for your order. For some reason the orders are not processed on the actual site, and the email arrives within 24 hours. After you get the invoice, you are then given the option to send in payment through money order or check. However if you wish to pay through Paypal you can do that too.
Although checking out is a bit out of whack as of now, it's pretty simple. I do however wish I could have payed right there on the site with my credit card, instead of having to wait for an email to arrive 24 hours later.
Another issue that I have with the site is it's loading times. I have cable modem high speed Internet, and loading up should be as fast as a blink, but on things seem to lag big time, and this is the most annoying thing about the site.
I plan on ordering more movies from the site.
DVD quality is also excellent, but don't expect remastered pieces. Remember these are old movies that have NOT been digitally remastered. I like that fact actually. Nothing better than watching it old school man.
I hope you enjoy the site if you plan on stopping in to see what they have to offer.

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