Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Darkside Haunted House in Wading River: Long Island's #1 Haunted House

Every Long Islander has seen or heard commercials for the Darkside haunted house in Wading River, and almost everyone feels that urge to walk through this indoor/outdoor haunted attraction. However, is it all that it is cracked up to be?
Last year I got sucked into the commercials, I was seeing them either on TV, or hearing them on my radio, it only took about 2 weeks of hearing the advertisements, to finally say...'OK, you win Darkside, I want to come! But damn you better be worth my time!'
I called up my sister and her husband to join me and my boyfriend as we walked through. We were all truly hoping that once we arrived, lines would be decent, and that it was not filled with 8 year old kids.
We discovered that the tickets could cost anywhere from $5.00 to $16.00 depending on what day and what time you go. Turns out weekends after 6pm are the most expensive. Sure enough, it was Sunday when we went, so for $16.00 each this better damn well be worth it.
When we first arrived we were directed on where to park by some guy with a flashlight. After that we took a peek at the line. It was bad, but not horrible. From where we stood we assumed we had at least a 40 minute wait until we got admitted into the outside part of the haunted house. You see, the haunts begin outside as you follow a path, you are then brought into the actual haunted house.
The gate keeper allowed us in, in groups of 6. So it was all of us, and 2 younger girls who went ahead of us running. Good, more time for us to take in the scenery and watch out for ghouls popping out from behind tombstones.
On the path employees dressed in gruesome axe murderer costumes, and scary masks would dodge at you out of nowhere which would give you a good jump if you were not prepared for it. Some of these scarily dressed up ghouls would block your path and try to intimidate you by staring at you or cornering you.
It was an uncomfortable feeling only because these folks got too close for comfort, and you don't know whether or not you can trust them standing so closely to you while they hold up fake knives and chainsaws.
Inside of the haunted house you are greeted by an illusion of a girls head sitting on a table. When you study it closely though, the illusion is obvious. Next you are taken through a series of hallways where they have set up scary scenes. If you didn't keep your eyes peeled though, sometimes a person that you thought was a prop will spring to life causing your heart to skip a beat.
In other rooms fog machines spray fog down at your feet so you really can't see all to well at what may be hidden up ahead, and sure enough, there is always something hidden up ahead.
As you walk out of nowhere employees dressed like the dead will come out screaming in your face for no reason, some will follow you, and others will just stare you down.
In another room strobe lights are used to screw with your senses, as employees dressed as skeletons walk back and forth. Another room everything is lit with black lights, and fluorescent clowns roam the room, or hide in positions that make it easy to miss them as they blend in with walls and jump out at you screaming as you walk by.
My heart was skipping beats here and there, and momentarily I must say I felt like I was in a crazy house, and I did not like the feeling. Thus making the Darkside an excellent haunted house. It freaked me out enough for me to want to be out of it, not many haunted houses have such an effect.
Just when you see the exit door and you think things are safe, a chainsaw yielding maniac gives you one last heart blowing scare as you run past him. Its seriously an explosion of scary, and at the very end it goes BOOM! There was nothing worse than being greeted at the exit by this psycho with a chainsaw who would hold the chainsaw right above my head.
After breathing a sigh of relief, I laughed it off, and tried to act like I was cool. It takes a lot to shake my bones, but The Darkside Haunted House was able to, for just a moment, make me feel as if I was in real danger. I have to say bravo for that.
Age Recommendation:
I honestly would not bring kids under 8 or 9 years old into this one. It's meant for adults and teens. Keep the youngins home.
On the website at you can read the list of rules. But the most important rule is to NEVER EVER touch an employee. They are not going to hurt you, they are just there for fun. Never ever lay a hand on one of them. A lawsuit may follow.
Don't break anything. Keep your dang hands to yourself.
Rules are simple and easy to follow, just follow them. One rule breaker could ruin ALL of the fun for EVERYONE. If you see someone breaking any rules alert them first, and if they continue alert the gatekeeper.
I will rate each of the following in a 1-10 grading criteria. 1 being the lowest, 10 the highest
Line wait- 4
Decorations- 10
Scare Factor-9
Staff Costumes- 9
Time spent in haunted house-7
Overall- 8
All in all, I must say that I cannot wait to go and do it again this year. I am sure that this year will include even more frightening scares. Can't frigging wait!
The Darkside Haunted House is well worth the $16.00 admission. I recommend everyone who has the chance go and walk through it, at least once.
The Darkside Haunted House opens up this year on September 29th, at 6pm. It is my opinion that this is the absolute best night to go seeing how the lines will be horrendous as Halloween draws near. For more information visit the web link I have already provided, or call 631-369-SCARE.

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