Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finding and Putting Together the Best Harry Potter Halloween Costume

This year there are going to be tons of children, teens and adult looking to dress up as Harry Potter on Halloween night. But why buy a cheap Walmart costume made of cheap material and lame accessories. Why not go all out and get the Harry Potter look down to the tee.
There are plenty of websites and stores offering costumes to become Potter or one of Potters friends. But today lets focus on Harry Potter himself.
First and foremost, you are going to need a cloak. Not some cheap crappy cape, and actual cloak. The best looking ones can be found here at You may also purchase Harry's scarf, an excellent professional witches hat, and some awesome carved wands. Prices are a wee bit steep, but if you are looking for that gnarly look, look no further. On a sad not though this site is only selling adult sized gear.
For the kids, you can purchase deluxe robes at Here they also sell scarves, hats, and props. You may also choose to wear Harry's Quidditch costume. This costume is neat, and is a nice price as well.
You can also pick up a pair of Harry Potter glasses. However these glasses are cheap pieces of plastic... so let us dive into the world of finding some authentic glasses, and not plastic ones.
At they sell authentic Harry Potter eye glasses for a decent price of only $6.99.
Now, we have our cloak, our wand, our glasses, what's missing? Harry's lightning bolt scar.
You can't just run a magic marker across your forehead, it would totally ruin the look and make it look stupid. What you need is some liquid latex. Liquid latex can be found at any Halloween store (party city) for a cheap price. What you do is you take a very fine paint brush and dip it into the liquid latex, you then draw on your forehead the lightning bolt scar. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and apply another coat. Keep applying coats until your scar is how you like it. This latex will dry and stay put for the entire night. Make sure you apply it to clean dry skin. After you apply the latex, you could add a very tiny dab of red paint to your brush and smear it onto the latex. The scar will now have a slightly red tint, and look as if it is real. Remember the name... LIQUID LATEX!!!! This is the best stuff out there for when you are creating custom works.
You now have the best looking Harry Potter costume in all of the land! Muaaaahhhh!!!! Time to cast some spells!!!!
Overall putting together an authentic look to Harry Potter will run you at almost $100, so make sure you are willing to take the price plunge for the costume. Putting together such a pricey costume though lasts for years and years. Cheap costumes are used only once, and they are lucky to remain intact for the night. Buying a good quality costume not only looks better, much, much, better, but it also becomes a piece you can wear year after year.
If you know you have use for this costume year after year, than it is money well spent...if not...pass by the cool costume section and go buy your cheap ol' cheapy cheap costume that'll rip by dusk.
Off with you, you witch, happy Halloween!!!!
(The sites I have mentioned also sell costumes for you to dress up as Hermione, Ron, and a few other scary characters in names we shall not mention) Hehe.

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