Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Whoopie Cushion: A Cheap Practical Joke . . . Or Is It?

Whoopie Cushions have been around for years, and as a child I found this idiotic practical joke to be hilarious. I have seen them being used in comedy skits on TV, in actual movies, and so on. By nature when I ran across my first whoopie cushion at around 5 years old I had to have one. 20 years later, and these exact same pillows of air are still being sold. The design has never improved and the fart gag is still the same.
However at the age of 5 I had difficulties in planting a whoopie cushion correctly so that someone would sit on it and make the infamous whoopie fart noise.
Planting the whoopie cushions on someones seat is dead give away. It just does not work. You'd have to be blind to not notice the red whoopie cushion in your seat before you sat down.
No matter how many times I tried, I always got busted, and blowing up and squeezing the whoopie cushion was really the only use one could get from it. Pulling a prank on someone using a whoopie cushion is basically impossible.
What is it?
You have got to live in a cave to not know what a whoopie cushion is. But for those cave dwellers, a whoopie cushion is a rubber balloon that you blow up. Once it is blown up the air remains in the balloon. The air will not come out until it is pressed upon; once it is pressed on it lets out a loud farting noise that will cause you to giggle.
The concept: Laughter.
Whoopie cushions keep selling, and selling; this is why you still see them available in joke shops and sometimes even 50 cent machines. Kids just can't get enough of them. However once you play around with a whoopie cushion you will find that they are not as practical as they seem. Issues include:
-Not being able to plant a whoopie cushion as to where the victim can't see it.
-At times when you go to sit on it air gets trapped instead of releasing the air properly the cushion will pop.
-They are dusty! Years ago when I was a kid they always came covered in a weird rubbery powdered film. Even today this odd substance covers the cushions.
-The fart noise is very unrealistic
-They pop pretty easily
Although the whoopie cushion seems like a fun concept, and it has nostalgic value to really is a waste of rubber and money.
If anyone has any stories on a whoopie cushion joke that actually worked let me know. Leave a comment. Because I have tried time and time again, and getting someone to sit on a whoopie cushion without noticing it first has never happened for me.
Where to find them?
50 cent machines, dollar stores, and joke shops sell whoopie cushions.
I can't recommend them, only because they are so wasteful and you really can't use them for practical jokes on others without getting busted first...because they are cheap though, parents don't mind buying them for their kids.

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