Sunday, July 20, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 13; And the Winner Is..

Nicole!!! You Go Girl!!!

That's right, for the first time in America's Next Top Model history the judges finally picked the girl I wanted to see win...but besides that, Nicole made history by being th first 'short winner on America's Next Top Model'.
Cycle 13 was the first cycle in the shows history to give girls who were less than average, as far as height goes in the modeling industry.

For those of you who missed the episode, here is a quick little recap.

Our two remaining contestants Nicole an Laura were immediately launched into the season finale by being given their lines for a commercial for CoverGirl. The next day the two took turns trying their best to memorize their lines, while delivering a friendly CoverGirl commercial, while remembering to model at the same time.

Laura beat her dyslexia by remaining calm, cool and collected, even when she forgot a few lines.
Nicole looked stunning with her red fro straightened, while she too delivered remarkable lines for her commercial. Jay mentioned that she came off on camera a bit snobby, but I failed to recognize it. I guess if I hadn't liked her through the duration of the show, I would have seen it too.

After the commercial the girls were taken to their final photo shoot. This is the photo that would be used as a cover for Seventeen Magazine.

Both girls seemed to delight Nigel, whom was the photographer on the shoot.

The following day the girls will go ad to head during a cat walk. This is the final showdown before the official winner is chosen. A nice little twist with this seasons cat walk though was that girls who got booted off weeks prior would also be walking in the show, so the nice addition of previous contestants was neat; all except for the blond girl... (I forgot her name already because she was seriously that bland, boring, and sickly looking).

When asked which girl she thought should win, her reply was; 'Besides myself; Laura'.
Yuck! They sent you home for a reason, yawn-fest anyone? Does anyone even remember her name? I know I don't.
Anyhow, the cat walk begins, and I have to say for the first time ever I was not impressed at all with either of them. Maybe it was the energy of the show that was lacking, but this was the first cat walk on ANTM that didn't have me in awe.

Both girls seemed to clobber down the runway, and seemed bow-legged, and at this point I did not have a clue who would win. They both seemed so neck and neck, and the judges always seemed to lean towards liking Laura more.

After the show ended, the winner was announced. Laura didn't make the cut.

Our awkward lovable red head Nicole took the win, and I was very happy for her. I wanted her to win. For me personally, Nicole was the girl fans could relate to most. She is not snobby, and she is comfortable in her own skin. What makes her so likable is the fact that everyone has a friend like her; the warm awkward friend, with the Daria like personality. They are alluring in their own special, mysterious, unique and beautiful way.

I guess this is a decent make-up for last seasons dreadful ending. I still think Allison should have taken the win. I guess Tyra knew that too, and that was why they picked the awkward girl this season. Because the awkward girl rocks! Hello!

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