Monday, July 28, 2014

DIY: Make Bloody Scars Using Just Tissue Paper Cheap Halloween Trick

Halloween is my specialty. This year I thought I would just slap on a simple Halloween mask, however on my way home from work my Halloween buzz finally hit me. I wanted to go all out, but fast and easily. I applied a prosthetic mask to my face (which came out looking gnarly by the way...I'll save that for a later DIY later though). When my mask was complete though my neck and hands looked rather...non-spooky. I didn't have much to work with, so I had to use my imagination, and work with what I could find around the house.
My plans were to add scars...but how? How could I cover my neck and hands in scars?
Quite easily actually, and quite inexpensively.
What you will need:
1. Liquid latex of course
2. Tissue paper
3. A cheap makeup kit
Liquid latex is always the key ingredient when working with special effects.
First clean off the area you want to add the scar.
I washed my neck with some regular facial soap, the surface has to be as clean as possible in order for the liquid latex to stick properly...and for a long time.
Next I dabbed my neck with liquid latex. I was planning on making a huge scar across my neck to give off the appearance that my neck was rotting off.
After applying the latex I let it half dry. As my neck was drying I took a long sheet of toilet paper and folded it a few times. I then took the sheet of toilet paper and placed it over the liquid latex.
I allowed it to dry properly, and then I carefully applied a thin coat of liquid latex to the toilet paper.
After it dried; which took about 3 minutes, I then began to work with my makeup. I applied a layer of black to the tissue paper using a sponge brush. I left some areas of the tissue white, and dabbed some red, green and yellow on the area. The result was a bulging wound that looked like globs of puss was about to come oozing from it.
After I had the makeup done up the way I wanted it, I then peeled a chunk of the toilet paper from my neck and let it hand. The illusion worked perfectly. I now had what appeared to be an open wound in my neck. I allowed the piece of toilet paper I peeled away to hang down to give of the appearance of decay. It looked sweet, but I was not done.
Under the area I peeled was my regular skin color, and I had to add color to the exposed area. I used some fake blood gel to give it a gushy wet look. You can however use regular red makeup mixed with a bit of white and black to give of the illusion of an infected scar vs a fresh rip.
The Result:
The result is a one of a kind special effect, and it looks extremely realistic compared to those pieces of crap scars with a small vile spirit gum that Halloween stores charge $8.00 for.
If you have extra liquid latex (which you should) feel free to add scars everywhere. Your face, arms, legs etc.
The scars are easy to remove and only require some peeling. You can wash it off if you have sensitive skin.
Happy one of a kind Halloween.

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