Sunday, July 13, 2014

How to Create the Best and Hottest Burning Pellets for Your Enviro M55 Cast Iron Pellet Stove

After an outage of wood pellets hit my hometown I came up with one of the best tricks to burning my Enviro M55 Multi-Fuel Cast Iron Pellet Stove that I have ever used.

When my stock of wood pellets began to run low, and every supplier of wood pellets in what felt like the universe had no supply coming in, I began to worry.

This was my main source of heat, and it was saving me hundreds and hundreds of dollars on my oil costs.

I knew that my stove could burn more than pellets, but the issue was that everything else I could burn in my stove cost triple what a bag of wood pellets cost.

I figured perhaps I could make my wood pellets stretch by adding corn kernels to the mix. By golly did it! In fact adding corn to wood pellets burned so much hotter and for a longer period of time.

Corn however on Long Island is around $10 for a 50 pound bag, which is a lot considering a bag of wood pellets costs $4.18. However, when supply is running low, I was left with no other option but to stretch out the supply of wood pellets I had.

Adding the corn is now something I will do regularly, since I am burning less, and I am hitting higher temperatures in my home, even on the lowest settings the stove offers.

The $10 for a 50 pound bag of corn was worth it!

I mix half corn and half pellets together in a large garbage bag and plop them into my stoves hopper. I was amazed at how well the two worked together, and how much hotter my home was when I did this.
For those of you whom are looking to make your last few bags of wood pellets stretch this is the best method, and it works much better than if you were to burn the wood pellets alone. I find it lasts longer this way too, and it burns slower.

Overall, the Enviro M55 is the best investment we ever made.

For those of you who have wood pellet stoves that are not designed to burn multiple types of fuels, this mix cannot be used, as you can only use wood pellets. For those with a multi use stove however, this is the best mix I have ever burned in my stove.

Please Note- Burning corn in an M55 will result in a hotter exterior, do not allow children or animals to touch the stove. It burns a heck of a lot hotter than using just wood pellets, so just take precautions around the actual stove itself.

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