Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kristen Cavallari- the Hills Season 6 Leading Lady?!

As if Lauren Conrad didn't hate Kristen Cavallari enough in Laguna Beach; MTV decided to really throw it in LC's face by bringing Kristen Cavallari on board to Lauren's show The Hills!

I understand that The Hills is all about ratings, but seriously? Seriously!?
Season 5 was Lauren Conrad's last and final episode of The Hills, however The Hills will continue.

It's been assumed that Kristen will be taking the leading role in Falls season 6. I'm however hoping that this was just how they edited it. I'd rather see the leading lady go to Audrina...or hell, even Stephanie Pratt!

At any rate, by the looks of previews from next season it appears that Kristen will come to take The Hills by storm. Lot's of drama, lots of fighting, and a skinny little blond girl trying to act all tough. Kristen may bring the drama, but by the looks of her, she's like a chihuahua - more bark than bite.

Season 5 ended with Kristen acting as if she was interested in Justin Bobby. It sounded all to scripted when she was mentioning how upstanding he seemed. At any rate, its obvious that the beginning drama will involve Kristen and Audrina. Surprise, surprise.

I think LC left at the right time. I'm hoping she got too tired of living the scripted life. Yawn.

Will fans tune in to this falls season 6?

In my opinion it is anyones guess. People may tune in to hopefully catch glimpses of their favorites. People may tune in because they actually like Kristen. Like with Laguna Beach though, I think introducing newbies into the show could cause its ratings to tank.

What was Laguna Beach without LC?
A failure waiting to happen.

What will The Hills be without LC?
A failure waiting to happen.

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