Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lush Snowcake Soap - Review A Holiday Edition Soap from Lush

I learned about Lush's Snowcake a year ago actually. It is a soap that I guess came back for the holiday seasons by popular demand. I couldn't wait to try it because I had heard so many good things about this soap...sadly though, no matter how much I heard, the soap was not available to buy. Till now.
I ordered this soap nearly a month ago, and this past weekend it finally arrived to my door.
The soap itself is an off white color, and was extremely creamy to the touch. I feared it would be another one of those Lush soaps that melt like ice the moment hot water pounded up against it.
I was expecting an almond delight, and that was what I got. It smelled like heaven to me. The initial scent that hit my nose and tickled my nostril hair was almond. I could also detect something sweet; almost sugary, combined with the almond scent, I can best say that Snowcake smells like a sugar cookie with some almonds on top. Fresh baked...oh yeah.
In The Shower:
Before toting my bar of Snowcake into the shower with me, I first cut the bar up into one time use sample sized bars. The soap is very creamy, so it was as easy as pie to slice it up. The reason I slice it, and I recommend slicing is because most of Lush's soaps melt fast. Brining an entire bar of soap into the shower with you just melt it faster and you would get less use from it. Cutting the bar up and storing the extra slices gives it more use...and you can also hand out samples to friends and loved ones who are also fans of Lush. (I find that when you give out pieces to friends, you get back when they place Lush orders).
I took my sample sized piece into the shower and did my whole shampooing and conditioning to my hair. I then grabbed my bar of snowcake and put her to work.
The soap does melt rather fast, and had the same creamy ooey gooey consistency that Sultana Of Soap has. It's a creamy, milky consistency, and feels great on your skin when you rub it all around.
The lather is nothing to write home about...but it does lather. It's a creamy lather, and feels nice on the skin...but as I was washing with the soap, and rinsing, I could feel my skin growing tight. I recall this same feeling with Sultana; only Snowcake tightened a tad bit more than that soap did.
I didn't mind though, because as my skin tightened, I also felt squeaky clean...almost too clean.
The scent in the shower smelled just like it did out of the box, a fresh overwhelming powerful pop of almond cookies. I loved it! Mostly though I was hoping that the scent would stick with me after showering. A lot of Lush soaps smell fantastic in the shower, but the moment you get out and dry off the scent is gone, gone, gone.
Out Of The Shower:
I could smell it! I was still able to smell Snowcake on my skin, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Overall the almondy sugar smell stood with me for about an hour. I would of loved if the scent stood with me longer...but I was happy it stood with me while it did; so no complaints.
I usually do not get dry skin after showering with soaps...even harsh soaps, and my skin is able to maintain a balance of moisture. With Snowcake though, I could see and feel parched skin. Snowcake dried me the heck out. The drying feeling and appearance was nothing lotion couldn't take care of...but for those who suffer from dry skin all of the time, you may want to avoid Snowcake. It will dry you out.
I loved Snowcake. It's a sweet creamy soap that gets you squeaky clean. Although it slightly dried out my skin, I was still happy with it. I loved how the scent stood with me even after drying up, and I loved the creamy texture. I'm glad they brought it back this season.
Where To Buy:
You can pick Snowcake up for a limited time at Snowcake comes to $6.95 for a 3.5 ounce bar.
-Get it before it's thrown back into the vault till next year.

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