Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MonsterQuest: Florida Sea Monster A Manatee or a Sea Monster? Speculations Rise!

I have grown pretty fond of History Channels newest MonsterQuest episodes. Week after week they present us with yet more interesting photos, video, and stories about supposed monsters that roam here with us on earth. Some on land, some in the sea!

For those of you who don't watch MonsterQuest, I'll fill you in; it's a show that basically displays photos, video, and verbal encounters of unknown creatures in the wild.

Last nights episode was about a creature that has been filmed in a sea just off a coast in Florida. They kept the find secret so it wouldn't attract attention to whatever it is that's been filmed numerous times in the water.

At any rate, last night viewers were presented with a few short clips of actual film that was taken of the water, and of the creature that dwells below. There are supposedly over 40 hours of video, but viewers only got a few short clips. I'd truly be interested in seeing the video we were not shown!

The creature seen in the film is thought to be a Manatee, but according to some of the scientists that viewed it, there is no possible way it could be a Manatee due to it's tri-cut tail, and head. Not only that, the creature seen in the films also seems to be a much faster swimmer than the usually sluggish slow drifting Manatee!

A team decides to actually dive into the waters to hopefully catch an up close and personal glimpse of whatever it is that seems to be frequenting these waters.

They pack up with a small dive team, and with some sort of special sonars that allow the divers to see the shape of the creature on the screen if they were to encounter it.

Naturally due to the murky foggy waters their expedition is short lived, and they don't end up finding much of anything.

Speculations of course are streaming through the Internet world where many are claiming that what they see on this video evidence is nothing more than a Manatee with a miss-shaped tail due to perhaps being hit by a boat.

However the trident shape of the tail is so perfect that others are saying there is no way it's a manatee! Not only that this creature moves faster, and has a very different shaped snout compared to the Manatee.

One man suggested it could be a Caribbean Monk Seal which was thought to be extinct. However the video suggests the creature lacks the distinct whiskers that the Caribbean Monk Seal would have.

All I will say is that the sea is far too big for their not to be undiscovered creatures, and creatures thought to be extinct actually living. Its happened before. Perhaps the sea monster is the thought to be extinct seal only with evolved features? It's really anybodies guess as to what this creature is, although it's brought in heaps of thoughts, ideas, and of course tons of speculation amongst the masses.

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