Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Fair Brady, Maybe Baby VH1 Celebreality Show

Soooo... my two most favoritest people have returned to the reality show scene. Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight have graced a Sunday night time slot on VH1 once again.

I fell in love with the two way back when they first met on Surreal Life. It wasn't long till we seen Adrianne bag her Brady. (Marriage).
Last season however the world watched as the couples had their ups and downs, and as Adrianne cried to get her way. This season sadly looks like more of the same. Last season I thought Adrianne would leave Chris for acting like an ass in front of her parents.

Maybe Baby however looks like it's going to be Chris leaving her. I doubt that would happen, but the mixed messages Adrianne gives off are confusing me, I can't even imagine how Chris feels.

The Season Premiere:
I'm sort of still left scratching my head. I'm not quite sure which direction this Maybe Baby thing is going. It seems like Chris wants kids, but Adrianne doesn't...not yet anyhow.

However if I remember correctly she had a huge ordeal over him thinking about getting a vasectomy last season. Now he wants kids, and she doesn't. I'm sort of baffled. They both confuse me. They seem to fight so much that a separation should be considered before the word baby is even put into consideration. It also appears that the two don't even fully know one another yet. I think that for once, Adrianne is right, a baby should be put on hold, at least for now. I still think the couple needs to grow and get to know one another before they bring a baby into the scenario.

Christopher however is no spring chicken, so I can see why pressure to have kids now, is on.
From past shows the two were in it appeared that Adrianne was the one rushing into the married life, and baby scene. I assumed this show would deal with her begging him to have a child. Only it's the other way around.
I'm on the fence with this one really, I do think a lot of this is staged, and I do think Adrianne will end up pregnant by the time the last show airs. Or...they will leave you hanging on the results of a pregnancy test just so they can fish us in with next years... My Fair Baby.
I guess I will just have to stay tuned and see where this season takes the couple. Into preggo-ville, or divorce-ville?

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