Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Paris Hilton's My New BFF Season 2 Premiere Recap

So it turns out Britney Flikinger turned into Britney Flunkinger, as Paris Hilton canned her old BFF and is back once again on VH1 looking for a brand new BFF. Gag me.

Although I think the Paris Hilton is My New BFF show is the lowest form of entertainment VH1 could come up with, I had to remind myself that they also had that ridiculous show called Tough Love, which seemed more like an anti-woman campaign, that showed woman how 'wrong they' were, and how right 'men are'. Ugh, gag me twice.

I decided to give the second season of Paris Hilton is My New BFF, simply because I wanted to find out why a second season was even made. I got my answer quickly into the show, as Paris was fast to announce her old BFF turned into a hungry tiger, or some superficial metaphor like that.

An introduction to a large handful of women took place as one would expect. Off the bat the ones who stuck out the most, were the most annoying ones, as usual. For instance we get introduced to a girl who pretends she's got the voice of a toddler. Just hearing her talk made me want to slap her.

At the pet mansion the girls are greeted by a cast off from last season. Remember the adorable, yet annoying drama queen Onch? Well he is back for some odd reason. I don't know why he got booted, as it is obvious Paris kept him around, after booting him? Or maybe VH1 re-hired him for the position because of popular audience demand.

At any rate he is back and makes appearances. His role is to help Paris along this torturous adventure of finding her a new BFF.

Paris decides to tag along with the groupie as well by attempting to go undercover, by enlarging her nose, and adding a black wig. A blindfolded moron could tell it was her, and I am sure that all of the contestants knew it was her, but due to editing, we'd never know.

Her role was to try and get to know them, without revealing her true self. What it proved is still beyond me?

Anyway, Paris eliminates some blond chick because the baby tiger didn't like her when she forced all of the contestants to go up and pet it.

She was not the only chick eliminated that day though. At the end elimination ceremony she eliminated another girl for not standing out enough.

The first episode was not all too entertaining, if anything it was pretty shallow and shady, but then again, this is her show, so whatever she says goes.

I thought last season was bad when it came to embarrassing torturous challenges, and degrading eliminations, but it looks like season 2 will feature all of that times 10.

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