Saturday, July 26, 2014

Reality Show, Moment of Truth, Did Lauren Cleri Destroyed Her Marriage for the Money?

When Moment of Truth first aired on my tube a few weeks ago, I was not very interested in it. Ever since skipping through my channels the other night though and coming across a pretty blond... I stopped. It wasn't her face I was interested in though...but her words....because the more she spoke, the uglier she grew.

I literately sat watching as this broad tore apart her marriage without so much a tear in her eye, and I was disgusted, and felt horrible for her poor husband.

What Is The Moment Of Truth:
It's a new reality show, where contestants are hooked up to lie detector tests and given questions to answer. In front of national TV the contestant is then asked these questions again, and are told to give their answer. From here they determine if they are telling the truth or not.

The more answers they tell truthfully, and pass on the lie detector test, the more money they can win. Get it? Got it? Good.

Lauren Cleri is given her first set of questions, which are relatively easy ones to answer without offending anyone. However as time goes on, the questions get more personal.

This gal basically admitted to still being in love with her ex when she married her husband Frank...admitted that she should of married her ex, and admitted that she deserves a Scarlett letter for cheating on her husband.

As she began to rake in the money, and tear apart her husband, she didn't even looked phased. As a matter of fact she looked excited to see her ex, when the show brought him out to ask her questions, she was all smiles.

The gal didn't even so much as bat an eye, break a sweat, shed a tear... nada. It was fully apparent that she just didn't give a shit who she hurt, so long as she 'got the money'.

But Karma has it's ways, and Lauren failed one question.

"Do you think you are a good person?"
LAUGH OUT LOUD moment here ladies and gents. Any gal like that should know damn well they are not a good person. Lauren however denies shes a bad person, by saying yes. She lied, because she failed the question. Whoops! There goes your marriage, there goes your money. That sucked, because at least Frank could of gotten half when he threw her to the curb.

Damn, I'm a relatively good person. Never cheated or anything like that. But I stole once when I was 16... I'm a bad person! Even I know I would say no. I'm bad. Compared to her though, I'm pretty fucking saintly.

Anyhow, Lauren seemed to of gotten more negative attention then anticipated. Rumors going round are that the whole thing was fake, and a fucked up attempt at her gaining some star power. Either way, she is the gossip moment of the month....she sure as hell is not going to become a movie star for her sad moment in reality TV....but she has gained attention... and any attention is good attention, as they say.

After the show, tons of people began looking her up, and it was not long till we had access to her myspace page and some model thingie that held my interest for a millisecond. (Crest White strips hunny!)
The jaw dropping moments came not only from the show, but her myspace page as well. She had some interesting quotes on her page that included a small oh woe is me message to people. As of now, it is set to Lauren if feeling crappy, and needs some time away.
Thats a lot better then her previous message, where it seemed to be all about her... and not her husband.
Other rumors claim the entire show is staged, and that the whole thing is FOX's poor attempt at getting ratings.

I'm on the fence about what I believe... I do know though, that I don't feel like watching another slob admit to being an animal with no morals. The show is cut from my schedule from here on out. Fox may of been hoping for ratings,,,but life in general is sad enough...why deliver depression to my tube?

I think what Lauren did was terrible...but to be honest we have only heard one side of the story. Let's hook Frank up next week... maybe I will tune in. There obviously has to be something about him that made Lauren do what she has done.

I do however think that it sucks that she married him, knowing she wanted to be with her ex. Perdy damn shallow. But, hey, this would not be a frigging first... gold diggers are known for this particular thing. I'm not saying what she did was okay do do, by any means... because it was not, I am saying though, that Frank appears to be the victim... how would things of looked if he were on the hot seat?

Most likely just as ugly...

So did she destroy her marriage for money?
I'm not sure if they will stay together or not (I would hope not), but as time goes on, I am sure the news will hit the net.

That's it for me. I'm out.

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