Monday, July 28, 2014

Review of Hanging Skeleton Spider Halloween Decoration

Last weekend while out and about with my boyfriend we came across a new Halloween store called HalloweenStore. The store was having a 40% off all Halloween decorations.
I felt like a kid in a candy store. Sadly though I only came with $40.00, and the other $20.00 I had to save for my cars fat ass (It was thirsty).
I picked through a few things, and eventually came across probably the coolest prop I had ever seen. Hanging from the ceiling was a Skeleton Spider. I had never seen such an odd, unique, and realistic skeleton piece in all my years.
I thought right away that this prop would be selling for $80.00, even with 40% off, I couldn't afford it.
Lady luck must have been in the stars, because after all was said and done, I walked away with the last spider for only $11.00. I felt like I had just robbed the jerks who sold it to me.
What's not to love about this skeleton spider. It has a ribcage that looks like an actual humans torso. Attached to the rib cage are 4 legs on each side. The legs have human hand bones that really give this spider a human, yet arachnid unique look.
Popping from the ribcage is a small neck bone that has a skeleton head screwed to it.
The skeleton spider is a yellow color with splats of gray and brown on it to give the spider gory scary shading.
Attached to the middle of the rib cage is a screw with string for you to hang the spider.
You can see just how cool this spider looks in the photo...but I am sure all of you creepy gore fans out there want to know how well our 8 legged friend was built.
I can 100% say that this spider is not made of cheap crappy Styrofoam like so many cheap props on the market today. The Skeleton Spider is made from thick hard plastic. The limbs are attacked with screws guaranteeing that none of them will break off if you happen to drop the spider.
You can move the spiders limbs and feet to position it however you want. The Skeleton Spider's head can also be moved from side to side. The jaw also opens and slightly closes. You basically prop the spider up how you want it. If you want the spiders legs sprawled out, or if you want the legs curled in. The choice is yours. You will have a lot of fun figuring out which position the spider looks best in.
My Use:
I placed my Hanging Skeleton Spider in my work window display to be seen by children during our annual Halloween parade. Since hanging him up he has brought lots of attention to my window (although I wish it would bring in business. Heheh).
Overall Opinion:
The Hanging Skeleton Spider is on of my favorite props as of now (wait till next year), I have never seen such a well constructed prop for so little money. This spider is sure to last year after year after year. It can be placed outside as well (I however do not recommend it because screws could rust, or some twerp may steal it).
You really have to see it, in your face, to fully appreciate it.
Where To Purchase The Hanging Skeleton Spider:
Seeing how HalloweenStore only pops up locally once a year in my town, there may be one in your town for a temporary amount of time. So ask locals about it, For those who cannot find one, you have to turn to the internet. I have come across quite a few sites offering the Skeleton Spiders, but many of these are poorly constructed Styrofoam skeletons trying to pass off as high quality by throwing on high price tags.
I found the site, click here to purchase the spider.

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