Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The City, Season Finale Recap

I tried tuning in to The City last night only to discover that it was not airing. Turns out last weeks episode was the final episode to the show. I felt pretty stupid; I mean being a hardcore fan of the show, and I didn't even know that last week was the final week.

I should have known better though because it ended in that perfect manner as to where they could totally skip on making a season 2, because it left off on a pretty finished and finalized note.

In the finale episode we all already know about Whitney and Jays sort of break up. (Jay went off to do a tour with his band)

Whitney sulks about it for a little while, and it manages to create a sad aura that surrounds her during a very important event. Olivia and both Whitney have been told about a job opportunity abroad.

Seeing that Olivia was non-stop taking the credit for the clothing chosen for a magazine cover (Whitney actually picked the entire outfit, as Olivia thought it was too colorful), they chose her to come for the job instead of Whitney, who righteously deserved it.

(At any rate, the show is out, so the big wigs know who is the snake filled with venom, and who was deserving).
During this event though, Jay decides to call Whitney. When she answers he tells her he is outside and to come meet him.
I personally was disgusted. I prayed and prayed she used her brain and dumped him for good. In the back of my mind though, I also thought perhaps she would be willing to give him another shot like her old sidekick LC who always gave dirtbags another round, even when they were not deserving.

Whitney though surprised me when she cordially dumped Jay in the sweetest of ways! She gave him a dose of his own medicine, and frankly watching her move on from scuzz bucket was awesome!

I have no clue if a season 2 is in the works, but I am hoping that the show does return for another season. Where it was left off though, I don't think they really need it...but fans; fans want it!

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