Monday, July 21, 2014

Tips for Keeping Bathroom Cabinets Clean and Organized

In a house where 5 people roam on a daily basis, with around 6-7 bathroom trips per person in any single given day, the bathroom is constantly in need of organization.

One huge issue that our bathroom faces daily is not only disorganization, but also cleanliness. Every person has their own ritual they do in the bathroom.

In the past it was not unusual to walk into the bathroom at around noon to find a shaving cream can sitting on the edge of the sink (which of course over time will result in a round rust ring on the porcelain sink), a razor in the sink, towels on the floor, and the toilet paper ring empty.

My first tip is tough love. Love the method or hate it, for our family it works.

If someone leaves something in the sink, or on the edge of the sink we no longer put it back in the proper place for them. We do a simple heave ho! Throwing out something that someone forgot to put back in its proper place may sound mean, but trust me, they catch on pretty quickly and tidy up after themselves. No longer do we have to worry about shaving rust rings on the sink; which by the way are a real pain in the butt to try and remove.

Keeping bathroom cabinets organized is actually a lot simpler now that we have devised a cabinet room plan. Yes, in a world where not everyone has 20 cabinets in their bathrooms, or his and her sinks, we are forced to compromise by dividing our 3 shelves up amongst 5 people.

The rule is simple; keep your things in your space, and I will keep my things in my space. Doing it this way allows for members in our home have their own spaces, and they are forced to keep them tidy in order not to splash over into the spaces of others.

Other cabinets in the bathroom strictly hold essentials such as hand soap, shaving cream, and razors. These items go into cabinets where guests cannot see them.

Shelving is always kept tidy, with a beach theme in our bathroom. We line up shelves with corals, sea shells, and other beach themed items. It's a major no-no to place razors, or other bath things in between these shelves, otherwise it will look cluttered and messy. To keep the bathroom looking neat and organized, keep your theme one theme only. Mixing a beach theme with a rubber ducky toothbrush holder is tacky.

Storing shampoos, conditioners and body washes are kept from the view of guest by placing them upright in a wicker basket near the side of the tub.

The basic rule is to stick to your theme, hide personal items in cabinets, or wicker baskets. Keep medicines in the medicine cabinets, and don't mix things up and place them where they do not belong.

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