Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Top 10 Celebrities with Long, Beautiful Hair

Long hair is my favorite look on women. Although I do agree that certain people look fantastic with short hair, and weird with long hair. However nothing gets me drooling quite like women with long flowing likes.

I compiled a list of my top 10 favorite celebrities whom all sport long, long locks.
1. Jennifer Aniston
Of course this beauty had to take first place. Jennifer Aniston created the pin straight long hair trend, and it is a trend that will likely never go away. Click to view Jen's long, long, silky straight hair.

2. Angelina Jolie
Jennifer will probably be mad that I put Angelina after her, but hey, at least Jen took the first slot. Angelina takes the next slot on my list due to her long wavy dark hair. I love long hair, but I especially love long dark hair, as seen here in Angelina's photo.
3. Reese Witherspoon
Reese has always been one of my favorite actresses. Her best look though, in my opinion is when her hair is long, silky, and shiny, as in this photo.
4. Tyra Banks
This flawless super model always has nice hair, but for me, her best look is when her hair is very long, and curly. This photo of Tyra is simply stunning, and her hair is simply spectacular.

5. Miley Cyrus
She is a celebrity, I hate admitting it, but alas, Miley has some really long tousled locks that are very flattering (just not on her! hah!).
6. Lindsay Lohan
Although I think Lindsay is half nuts, I adore her. No matter how this one wears her hair it is always looking fantastic, and that is because Lindsay lets it grow long; long and luscious looking!

7. Mary Kate Olsen
Although I think this celeb has alien like features, she has always sported long messy locks that I find to be very beautiful, and classical looking. Click to view on of my favorite styles on Mary Kate.

8. Megan Fox
Megan is a fox, and her long dark healthy looking hair is what makes her the complete sex babe package tat she is. Click to view Megan's long dark locks. Man she is like a mix between (Jennifer Connelly) Sara from Labyrinth, and Angelina Jolie. She is hot!!!

9. Carrie Underwood
This blond beauty is well known for having long wavy hair that never has a strand out of place. Click to view Carries gorgeous doo.

10. Fabio
You know I had to add this old time hunk into the list of celebrities with long hair. Although some find him repulsive, he does have hair that some women would die for! Check it out!

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