Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tulum Ruins in Mexico's Quintana Roo, is it Worth a Visit?

Nothing will get you more up close and personal with Mexico's Mayan history without visiting the Tulum ruins located in Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula. When we booked our second trip to Mexico, we sadly missed the opportunity to see these ruins, and with our second vacation back to Mexico, it became our top 'must do- must see' activity.

You see, in photographs of Tulum, the ruins look simply delightful, a mix of ancient history, with this quaintness you couldn't find elsewhere.

We took a cab from our resort, the Barcelo Maya to the ruins which ran us about $20.00. Upon arrival to the ruins, you must pay an entrance fee of I believe $7.00, however on weekends the prices are different, than weekdays.

At any rate, the price, regardless of the day is low, and worth every cent!

Entry into the main section of the ruins is amazing. You walk through a small passageway, and hidden beyond it is an ancient civilizations monuments and large temples and buildings. You cannot help but get this neat brief nostalgic feeling, and you can literally imagine the Mayans right there hauling the stone, and working within the city walls. It is simply amazing, and a sight I wouldn't ever want to miss again, upon further trips into Mexico.

The temples will awe you, the beach the sits below the towering cliffs of the ruins will stun you.
After you have taken in all of the sights of the ruins, you walk down a large flight of stairs to the beach below.

The sands here are pure white powder, but the secret hidden gem is located to the far right, where you will find a small hidden cove carved through rock. In here is a small peaceful channel of water, and if you are quick, you can claim the area as your own, as not too many people approach the area due to how well it's hidden.

Snorkeling is pretty lifeless here. Corals at the far right past the small cove are present, but dead. You will possibly spy some gar fish, and a few sting rays and barracuda, but other than that, not much was to be seen.

I hear much farther out however you can find gorgeous reefs, but the distance is for more advanced swimmers.

Beautiful, beautiful surroundings, spectacular ruins, and a pristine white sand, clear water beach awaits you at the Tulum ruins, this is one site not to be missed.

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