Wednesday, July 23, 2014

7 Really Cool Eco Friendly Products

There are plenty of green products out there for people to help do their part for the environment. In the past though, all of these 'green' products were boring, or flat out ugly! Recycled t-shirts looked like recycled t-shirts, re-usable shopping bags were too small to even fit a gallon of milk in, and no one could afford that Eco-friendly toilet bowl that all of the celebs were talking about!

As time goes on though, more and more companies have been putting out awesome Eco-friendly products with affordable prices attached to them.

Some of my favorite environment friendly finds include the following:

1. Lush!!!
I have been a Lush addict long before the company even 'got cool'. For those who don't know what Lush is, I'll tell you, you are missing out on some of the best smelling Eco-friendly vegetarian bath and body care products ever made!

Lush sells Eco-friendly soaps, lotions, bath bombs, bubble bars, gels, and a slew of other earth friendly products. What makes Lush so special though is that their products don't smell cheap, look cheap, or even feel cheap. Their bubble bars fill your tub with mounds and mounds of lovely scented bubbles. Their soap is overpowering, refreshing, and made with all natural fresh fruits and vegetables!

Visit for a look at their wonderful products! Try just one, and your addicted to life! Aka Lushie!!!
2. Eco-Friendly Business Cards
These business cards are so awesome, and so earth friendly that I think all business' should make them a part of their regular business card hand out. Heck, why not make it a law? I can go outside right now and likely count 10 to 20 business cards just thrown on sidewalks.

What makes the Eco-friendly business card so neat is that it's a near guarantee that people are more likely to hang on to them!

Why you ask?
Because the Eco-friendly business cards are actually infused with seeds. Plant the business card and a plant grows!

Check for these business cards. You get to customize everything. Its a service you should definitely check out!

3. The Greenest Macbook Ever!!!
I personally have never been a fan of Apple computers, however every time I walk into Best Buy I find myself automatically drawn to Apple's micro thin Macbooks. They weigh practically nothing, and they look sleek, modern, and dare I say- sexy!?

Apple has announced their Greenest Macbook Ever, which features arsenic free glass, brominated flame retardant free. It is also PVC free, mercury free, and the Macbook comes packaged in 41% smaller packaging than usual. The Macbook is also highly recyclable!

Frankly I want one, and have grown to like Apple more and more.

4. Solar Stepping Stones
We all are well aware of how beautiful outdoor lights look, especially walkway lights, or ornamental lights strung up around the gazebo. They're flattering for summer parties, and light up normally dark areas.

I found a really beautiful product though that I think everyone will adore. Solar Stepping Stones.
These stepping stones look like regular stepping stones during the day, but at night they give off a beautiful ambient glow that will light your walkway or path.

You can check them out here. They come in many shapes, and colors!

5. Calla Lily Solar Garden Art managed to impress me so much wit their collection of solar lighting, that I just had to mention their Calla Lily Solar Garden Art. These beautiful hand blown glass flowers look spectacular as garden decoration during the day. As the sun goes down though, the flowers come to life with solar powered lighting. You can buy one in either yellow, plum, or coral.

Not only are they Eco friendly, but they would also make for a great gift for the gardener in your life...or yourself! Haha!

6. Recycled Glass Bottle Platters
These glass bottle platters just scream cool. We had one for years and people always would comment on how unique it was.

At you can pick up glass bottle platters, or wine bottle platters. They are basically melted down used wine bottles, or bottles that are pressed flat in order to make a unique serving platter for parties! They are relatively cheap at just $18.99. They come in a nice selection of colors as well.

7. Scandle
Oh it just sounds devious right? It's not though. A Scandle is actually one of the coolest 2 in 1 candles I've ever heard about or seen.

A Scandle is a candle and a massage oil in one! Basically as the candle melts, it leaves behind wet wax right? Well the Scandle actually leaves behind a body massage oil that you can use to massage into your skin for moisturizing.

The Scandle also releases less soot into the air compared to normal candles.
Check it out here.
So basically with a little hunting and pecking, you too can find really gnarly products that are actually Eco-friendly. Products you will actually want to own!

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