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The Hills Season 5, Episode 4 Recap: Crazy in Love

I'm so in love with The Hills. It's my guilty pleasure. Girls my age shouldn't be watching it, but gosh golly gee, I just cannot seem to separate myself from the tube when The Hills is airing.

Last night MTV aired episode 5 with the title name of Crazy In Love.

Now before the episode even began I wondered what a title like that could mean!? Will it focus on Spencer and Heidi. Is it a slogan Spencer says? Or will we finally get a peek at who Lauren is dating!?
I was wrong, my speculation's all wrong. The slogan was actually a quote that Audrina states. Before blowing that whole scene up though, lets rewind back to the beginning.

The show starts off with LC and Audrina meeting up for drinks at a place called Big Wangs. The two are discussing Audrinas date'less' life as of now.

Naturally I was surprised, because I hadn't kept up with the Hills gossip over the season break. I guess after season 4 ended, so did the Audrina and Justin Bobby relationship. In fact Audrina states that as soon as he gave her that promise ring, he pretty much went back to his old ways of ignoring her as if she doesn't exist.

Now that we are caught up on that drama... or I should say; lack of drama, let's focus now on Spencer and Heidi.

The two meet up with a counselor, and Spencer naturally acts as if being there is a joke. The final result of the whole session was the counselor asking Heidi why she was still with someone who Heidi feels has mentally checked out.

Wow! I didn't know relationship counselors also played the role of break up assistants! Pretty intriguing! Narf!!!! I'll avoid personally going to one now if problems ever arise in my relationship! Gez ladie!
Last week if you were tuning in you already know that LC decided to bring Stephanie on board as an apprentice for People's Revolution. The boss chick warned LC that if she messed up, LC would be responsible for firing her.

I imagined that Steph just had the first day butterflies which was understandable. However this week she just seems like she shows up to the job high! She cannot focus, pay attention, or listen when someone is telling her to do something.

After being confronted by the boss, Stephanie begins asking random questions to her. The boss though takes on a snide confrontational tone when Steph is asking questions.

Seriously she messed up, but if shes learning and looking for some answers, the chick could have just answered her nicely. I mean heck, she's new!

Just when I began to feel bad for Stephanie though, she went and displayed a weird 'I suck at work' vibe when LC began asking her things the following day.

Lauren tries asking Stephanie questions about orders in boxes. Stephanie can't seem to look at her, ignores her when she is talking, and acts like a space cadet when Lauren is simply trying to help her.
Lauren asks her why she keeps doodling, looking away etc. Stephine's answer is that 'she does not take confrontations well'.
Lauren tells her that she is not confronting her, and that if it were the boss asking her these questions it wouldn't be nicely, or likely she'd be fired.

Next we fast forward to LC, Audrina and Lo in some night club hanging out with Brody Jenner, and a few guys from his posse.
The cameras editing implies that Audrina has her eye on Brody, and frankly he seems pretty distracted by Audrina as well - even in the presence of his girlfriend.

Anyhow, while the night is going well, suddenly Lauren spots Justin Bobby in the club. Naturally she tells Audrina.

Audrina looks a little worried, but at the same time is able to keep her cool, and look sexy doing it might I add. She decides to throws something at Justin's head (it was in good fun though, or so it seemed). He walks up and acts really shady, as she goes to give him a hug. During the hug she pats him on the back, and he goes off on some stupid tangent about 'not patting' his back.

When he leaves on a subtle note of nothingness, Brody tries to comfort Audrina, and asks her what the deal is with the two of them. Audrina says that she does not want Justin in her life. (We all know better though!)

While Brody is talking with Audrina though, we hear Brody's girlfriend whisper to another friend 'Who is that girl Brody is talking to!'
Uh-Oh! Jealousy! Potential future drama!?
As soon as Brody is done talking with Audrina, his girlfriend tries a sappy 'he's mine' make-out session with Brody. But alas, after the short pathetic kiss, he ends up eyeballing Audrina! Tee-hee!

Lauren also finds out this same night that Brody and the guys planned a trip to Hawaii without inviting her. He tells her it's a guys only thing.

We find out later though that possibly it's a coy to try and escape from his overbearing girlfriend for awhile. It's also clear some of Brody's friends are not to keen with his girlfriend either.

Now the days shift to another night, at another night club where we are greeted with Brody's girlfriend talking about grabbing Brody's junk to Audrina. She explains that she did it because he grabbed her boob. The girl clearly is trying to keep Audrina away by making things between her and Brody seem steamier than they likely are.

Low and behold Justin Bobby is also located at the same club; again! Audrina spots him and decides to ignore him for the time being.

Brody however decides to call him over and talk to him. He asks Justin about his status with Audrina. Justin being his usual self does not say much, so Brody implies that Audrina is in love with him and that he should try to make it work with her, marry her, blah bla....

Justin must have took his advice a little more seriously than not, because after their short words he pets Audrinas head, and they have a quick spatty discussion.

Audrina tells him she wants someone to treat her special, and that he does not do that. They argue a little, and Audrina ends it with loving someone who does not love her back. (Justin Bobby) Stephanie then turns to Audrina and tells her to just stop talking to him, that he is trying to suck her in again, like he always does.

The following day we have Audrina, Lo, and Lauren gathered outside some eatery where they share drinks and convo about planning their own separate trip to Hawaii the same time the guys are going! Yep party crashers!

It's pretty obvious that Audrina is all for the idea, and that she has a wee bit of a crush on Brody!

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