Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Mini Myspace Celebrity Address Book!!! Stalking Your Favorite Celeb Has Never Been Easier!!!

The odds that the celebrity myspace pages are actually viewed by that celebrity on a daily basis is slim to none, however there are a few celebs out there who actually write, and chat with fans on a normal basis.

One particular celeb who gives you updates on his life, and will even fill you in on hit line of products is WeeMan! He is pretty sweet, and has recruits new myspace fans through a little banner labeled Wee-Army! He keeps fans in check with whats going on, and he even updates his page with new photos every so often. Check out WeeMan by clicking here.
You must not forget about STEVE-O. He occasionally writes blogs to update his fans. The last one I believe I read came straight from a loony bin; or so he called it. He's pretty funny, although most interactions between him and his fans occur only through blog comments. I have yet to ever receive an actual comment from him. Mostly just updates on what is going on, nothing personal. A blog for all fans to peek at. Find STEVE-O here.

I also am in love with the cast from The Hills, so I poked around the resourceful world wide web, till I was able to get the lovely gals from The Hills to be my pal on myspace. Here is the funny thing, I added Hedi first... and Lauren about a week later. Lauren though denied my request 3 times, before finally adding me! I know it likely has nothing to do with the Heidi vs Lauren fight, but it was a pretty funny coincidence. Soooo... if I were you, I'd add Lauren first, she might get mad. Haha! Playing!

For Lauren Conrad's Myspace Page, click here. 

For Heidi Montag'sclick here.

For Audrina Patridge, click here.
Okay so I just checked! Hedi dissed me as a friend, I've been dumped. Maybe it had something to do with Lauren being on my page. Haha! Doubtful, but I found it to be funny when looking up her page, to see that she no longer has be down as a chum. Well! Seeing how we are discussing Heidi, I figured I may as well add in the fella we all love to hate, her suave boyfriend Spencer Pratt!Click to view Spencers page. He is set to private, and it's pretty unlikely that he will add you, but it's worth a shot, and you can message him.
Although her reputation is a wee bit tainted right now, people still love to love Miley Cyrus! So go and check out her myspace page.
We cannot place Miley though in the spotlight without adding her newest frenemie Selena Gomez! And don't forget Nick Jonas, he was dating Miley, and is now dating Selena. So the rumor mill goes anyway. Check out Nick on his Jona's Brothers page here.
Now some of you reading this may not have a clue who any of these teen celebrity's are, so for your older guys and gals out there I've also compiled a list of older celebrity's who are also on the HOT HOT HOT list.
Britney Spears! We love her one day, we hate her the next. She's polished on Tuesday, and Wednesday she's a mess. To check out Brit's page, click here. You know, while you are at it, you may as well check out K-Fed's page too. I don't know what your monitor is showing, but it turns out his page is a nobody too. Baha!
But fear not you can go view K-Fed's fan base space... sadly it's a low 360 some odd group of members. No shocker there.

I may as well add in one of my favorite celebreality stars Paris Hilton. You either love her or you hate her. Still though, she remains hot, popular, and a paparazzi favorite.

Now for the girls:
George Clooney is still hot, and he has a myspace fan page believe it or not. You can find it here.
What is George Clooney though without Brad Pitt? You can drool over Brad's fan page here. While you're at it, why not go visit Angelina Jolie's page as well... and since it's in discussion right now in the news, how about Brad's ex, Jennifer Aniston's fan page as well?

Vin Diesel is still hotter than fire in my book, so I of course had to track him down on Myspace, although it's only a FAN page, it's still a great page to view new photos, and get news information on what's going on in Vin's life. Click for Vin's Myspace Fan Base!
Criss Angel is another high profile star who regularly updates his fans on upcoming shows, or TV episodes. Click here to view his page.

Finding celebrity myspace pages are relatively easy, a quick google search and bammo- there they are. Sadly though with fame comes fraud, and many myspace pages you may come across could very well be really convincing works of identity fraud. Lot's of folks for some reason find joy in imitating the actual celebrity. Most myspace pages however will be set up in a certain format, and legitimate ones usually always have a TM stamp after the celebrity's name. Such as Paris Hilton TM. Not all pages though that are real will have such a logo though.

Hunting and pecking around the internet though will eventually lead you to the actual star; however mostly the page is being run by an assistant, and not the actual star, so leaving 100 messages to Miley or Britney likely won't ever be read by them. That's not saying it won't be, but the chances are slim.

Nonetheless though, it is still interesting to have them as your buddy on Myspace because once a blue one of hem will write a blog, or a bulletin and fill you in on some gossip that others won't ever get to see, unless they have them as a friend on their page. For me, I have a few celebs down as my myspace friends simply because I will get updates on certain shows, or events that the star may be in.

For example having Criss Angel set as my friend gave me peeks at upcoming shows, blogs, and even the dates when the new season was coming out, air times and much more.

So if you have a favorite celebrity, just poke around on the net, likely they have a myspace page...some pages are obviously run by assistants, and others, sometimes they are viewed and run by the actual star.
Have fun, and happy stalking!

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