Thursday, July 17, 2014

After Last Nights Episode of Jersey Shore 2, Fans Agree that Mike 'The Situation' Has Control Issues

There is absolutely nothing more repulsive and unattractive than an unattractive man (or any man for that matter) to have control issues, or really diva-licious moments.

At any rate, after last nights episode of Jersey Shore 2, we all got to watch Mike 'The Situation' create a really lame and diva-licious situation when no one wanted to do what he wanted to do. He even went as far as saying he was the leader in the group. Oh gag me, and make me laugh... or just smack me in the face, like he did to Snooki.

It all started with a night out at a club and everyone was having a good time except for Mike. Due to the fact that no women were interested in him, he decided to take the route of an over aggressive creature. He is obviously under the impression that he is an A lister, and that every girl who sees him will just drop her panties for him. Quite disgusting considering he is not even good looking, he is short, and he talks with this really stupid lisp at times, and has a really feminine walk; and yes this man boy actually refers to himself as 'The Situation'.
At any rate, I never paid him much attention as he is not the leader of the group, nor is he even a fan favorite character. I would say Snooki is owner of that title.

Anyhow Mike aggressively pushes himself up on random women out at the club, and gets denied time after time due to his disgusting aggressive behavior. In fact, he was so overbearing that one girl even told him to leave her alone, and to stop bothering her. She put it more nicely than I would have. I would of just slapped him in his marbles.

After numerous denials, he sits back and sulks, and decides to start ordering Snooki around telling her to hurry up and 'let's go.'

Snooki does not want to go, and by the looks of things neither does anyone else. Mike gets mad, and takes it out naturally on the smallest person in the house, Snooki. It says a lot about his character. You didn't see him having a brawl with Ron because he wasn't leaving.
So what the hell!?

The controlling behavior of Mike turns very aggressive and he begins to cuss at Snooki. She walks away, and goes home as a result.

The following day, Mike apologizes to her, and that same night he went on and repeated the same foul behavior he had done the night before.

Seriously can you get any more pathetic?

Out at the club, Vinny is excited because his model girl meets up with him at the club and they are dancing and having a good time, and so is everybody else.

When Vinny goes to the bathroom though, The Stankuation tries grooving up on his girl. Pretty shady and pathetic if you ask me, considering the fact that Mike and Vinny are supposed to be 'boys'. Mike however is denied, and he is pissed.

When Vinny gets back, the girl tells him about what Mike had done and said to her, and they laugh it off. Mike sulks by sitting on the couch and watching Vinny and this girl dance. It's creepy and disturbing and at this point you begin to wonder if he is under more of an influence than just alcohol.

While sulking he gets angry, and you watch his mood shift easily on his face. He is mad, and gets up and decided to once again go bother Snooki.

It's really gross at this point, and he tries making out with her! Snooki backs away from him and tries her best to ignore him while dancing with her friend.

Mike however apparently thinks he is Vin Diesel and hot enough to have any girl in a room. What he does next is just nasty. The camera zooms in on him trying to grab at Snookers whoo-ha. It's so gross, and foul that I almost threw up.

She ignores him again, and the fight begins.

He wants to leave now. He is getting no action and no girls.

Snooki tells him she is staying here, and that he has issues. I can't say I don't disagree with her for once. Instead of just leaving without her, he decides to smack her in the face. He claimed later it was a 'grab', but if you rewind it, it's a smack that is just foul and disturbing. Not like a fist punch, but bad enough as to where I would have hacked off his face.

At any rate, I sure I am not alone in the disgust towards this individual who I will no longer refer to as 'The Situation' in articles. It's now, The Stankuation.

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