Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Americas Next Top Model All Stars- Episode 5 Recap

Last night we were graced with episode 5 of Americas Next Top Model All Stars, and finally the show has delivered an interesting photo-shoot. I was truly getting bored with the lackluster themes.
Before getting into that though, let us cover the drama that has unfolded within the house.

We start off with some sort of argument regarding private telephone calls, and phone time use. Shannon set up some 20 minute rule, so that way everyone who needs to call home, gets their share of the phone. It seemed like a fine plan to me, but Bianca ends up confronting her about it. Instead of gunning for herself, Shannon buckles under pressure, and tells Bianca she can have her phone time. Tears swell, she looks like an idiot, and Lisa jumps in.

Lisa and Bianca end up yapping back and forth, but truly it was one of the shows most lackluster drama filled scenes.

Next we fast forward on to the episode challenge. This week the girls will be doing a catwalk wearing the Kardashians clothing line. The runway is a simple walkway, with a carousel to finish it off. The girls must walk the runway, and then gracefully make their way onto the spinning carnival ride. Take one cycle around on it while posing, and then exit.

Mind you, they must master this in heels.

Nothing stuck out as off or bad, except the judges found Bianca to have no energy at all, as if she was bothered to even be there. I did not get that impression, but apparently the arguing with Lisa and Shannon earlier got to her, making her look bored and slightly angry while doling the walk.

Lisa and Shannon win this weeks challenge and are awarded a head to toe outfit from the Kardashians collection.

Shortly after being somewhat scolded by Miss Jay, Bianca breaks down in a hissy fit about how she once again feels she is the best, and yadda- yadda- yadda. Point a finger, and blame the other girls, and that was that.

Back at the house the tension is still high for Bianca, and she mentions wanting to go home. Bre, her sister comforts her by telling her to come and play, seeing that all of the girls were downstairs talking badly about her. Bianca buckles up, and that scene is a wrap.

Next we have the photo-shoot, which is one of the funnest ones this cycle has done thus far.
All of the girls will be dressed up in a different period in Michael Jackson's lifetime. The fun part though is that his sister Latoya joins the cast to meet everyone.

Lisa stuck out as my favorite model during the shoot, with fun dance moves and sky high energy.
Unfortunately the judges later on think otherwise.

Nobody in particular stuck out as looking bad or doing a bad job. Allison had the most interesting costume though, which made her look more like a clown doll, than Michael, but nonetheless, her photo, as always was my favorite. Allison wore a costume from when Michael was a young boy, where the other girls were placed in costume more recognized from the 80's and early 90's.

On to the chopping block
The best photo of the week went to... the country girl. Sadly I still do not like her 'in person appearance', so I cannot recall her name. For the sake of the article, I had to google it. Laura. yeah.
In the bottom 2 we have Lisa and Angelea. Poor Angelea, I thought she did an awesome job on the set, and I thought Lisa had the funnest energy. I swear sometimes I think they pick their least favorites worst photos.

Regardless though, of the photo chosen, this weeks chop would be handed over to LaToya Jackson. I had a hunch LaToya would send no one home, and my hunch was right. LaToya mentions that her brother was about love, and therefore she would be sending no one home.

This week, everyone is safe...as Angelea would say, thank you Michael, or LaToya, or Jesus!

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