Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Americas Next Top Model All Stars- Episode 4 Recap

Now do not get me wrong, I love Angelea, she's sparky, spunky, and interesting, but in my humble opinion she definitely did not deserve last nights best photo of the week moment. Nor did I think the runner up... uhm...(was it Dominique?) deserved that spot either; especially...over Allison, whom delieved a gorgeous cameleon of a photograph. Everything about Allison in photographs excites me, from her doe eyes and dolly disposition, she's a true photogenic star. Now in person though, she is quite the polar opposite.

At any rate, last nights picks angered me so much that I had to cut to the chase from the get go.
During this weeks challenge the girls all had a few minutes to remember lines for a very popular TV show, CSI. The winner who recites their lines best will win a role on the show. The problem with the challenge however is that a lot of the words the girls must remember are long medical terms.
Here is where I think Angelea was shafted, as she seemed to me, to be the one to deliver the lines more flawlessly. Her on screen presence however is not as vibrant as Bre's and I think that may have been a possible influence as to why Bre took home the acting role, and not Angelea.

At any rate, this weeks photo-shoot sucks all around, and even though I feel Allison took the best shot, the entire 'point' of it all made no sense to me. I miss the creativity the photo-shoots used to include. I mean remember Allison as an owl in the woods? Or when we were all shocked with the grace and beauty of that mermaid shoot where that awkwardly tall girl (whatserface) won best shot?

All Stars has yet to deliver any clothing/shoots that have been really interesting to me as far as creativity goes.

I was hoping with this season, that Tyra would have each girl combat her worst photo-shoot from the past! It would have made more sense to me, so far the only one subjected to her worst fears was Joker smile face Bianca, with the 'stilts' photo-shoot.

I would have liked to see moments from the past, brought out in the present, in the actual photo-shoots, such as the models in diapers to represent Lisa's embarrassing moment, or blond evil women fighting to represent that mean one (who now looks like Cameron Diaz to me).

At any rate, I guess I just miss the past seasons creativity in shoots, and I hope that this will occur as the show goes on. We are still very early in to the cycle, so anything could happen, but right now it just seems like everything we loved about our All Stars has been striped. The mean girl is now the shy quiet one? The red head beauty Kayla is as boring as ever, and Allison's only camera time seems to be when she is on stage at the very end of the show, or during a shoot being praised.

Anyhow, with that being said the show ends with someone being kicked off... only she was so stiff and boring I do not recall her name. Sad.

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