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Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 11, Episode 11 Recap So, Who Goes, and Who Stays?

So I was pretty devastated last night when Tyra and crew sent my all time favorite contestant home last night.

In the bottom two this week, we once again have Elina, and next to her Marjorie.

One would think Marjorie is going home, due to the fact that social interaction makes her look like she is holding in a giant dump, or she is about to puke. Either or, the girl is awkward, and honestly she would have been sent home for good reason.

Then we have Elina, who is being told week after week that everything she does is controlled. Personally I could say that about all of them, but the judges decided to pin point the title to Elina, and it stuck.

So who goes home?
The girl who looks like she is about to piss her pants? Or the girl who strikes a controlled pose?
Before completely spilling on who gets sent home, I wanted to cover this episode in a recap.

Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 11, episode 11
In this particular episode we meet the girls in their new home in Amsterdam, and immediately after that we learn that they are about to do their go sees. 'go sees' on the show have been a part of the show since cycle 1. Basically the girls run around aimlessly looking for street addresses to try and find buildings/stores to meet with potential designers. Once there they basically try on the designers clothing, do a short catwalk, and hope to impress them enough to book a job.

In this episode though, instead of having the girls take cabs, and run around sidewalks frantically, they were instead provided boat cabs. Basically they are slow moving chug along boats that take the girls to wherever they ask.

Even though it looks like they got the easiest means of transportation any season has ever delivered, it was actually a little worse because the boats are slow, and they still have to run around the streets looking for correct addresses.

Samantha manages to make it to 4 go sees, and back to the main building by 5pm. You see, the girls have a time limit. If they are not back by the time the clock strikes 5pm, they are disqualified.
Elina manages to make it to 4 go sees as well, but fails to impress a few designers due to the fact that she has one too many tattoos on her body.

Mckee also manages to hit up 4 different go sees, but she fails to make it back to the main building on time.

Then we have Marjorie. She spends a little too much time looking for her first go see, and wastes a ton of time. Although she wasted time, she did manage to make it to 2 go sees. Her nerves though, once again get the best of her.

Analeigh ends up winning the go see challenge by default. Had McKee not wasted time getting back, she would have won the challenge because according to the judges, she managed to book every job at the go sees she went on.

Marjorie wouldn't have booked a single job based off of her 2 go sees, so it leads you to believe she will be sent packing.

If I recall in a past season of ANTM Tyra saying to one of the contestants 'if you can't book a job, we can't keep you here'- or something along that line.

Shortly after the challenge the girls are brought to a shoot. This time though Tyra is the photographer, which can sometimes be really interesting because the girls feel like the have something to prove to her, and sometimes screw up even more due to the nerves, and the fact that many seem to try too hard to impress her.

Marjorie totally bombs it. The first shot is supposed to be the girls without any makeup at all, followed by a glamorous shot where they will be covered i heavy makeup.

During Marjorie's makeup-less shot she ends up jumping up and down and looking like she is once again, ready to vomit or pee her pants. The shot where she has makeup on, she does slightly better, but honestly I thought the rocking jittery nerves would totally seal the nail in the coffin, especially after the awful go sees challenge.

Marjorie's manages to deliver a decent plain photo, but Tyra lets her know that in the bunch of photos only one was acceptable. Her glamor shot was pretty as well, even with the nerves Marjorie pulls of another great shot. I don't get what Tyra sees though, Marjorie is photogenic, but in person is too nervous. In past seasons Tyra sent girls packing for lacking confidence, and Marjorie seems to slip by every week even though she is the most nervous contestant I have ever seen in the show, from season 1 till now.

Elina does OK, but she needs to be directed on what to do. Whenever the judges ask her to relax and let loose she manages to do so, but as soon as the camera starts clicking she sort of pulls it in and looks like she's holding her breath or something.

Her shot without makeup is oddly a side shot. I was thinking it should have been a face shot, but for some reason Elina's best shot was a side shot. Her glamor shot was decent, but not as wonderful as I expected it to be.

This made me nervous, because I adore Elina and wanted to see her nail the shoot.

Samantha does remarkably on both the plain shot, and the glamor shot.

Analeigh delivers a pretty blah shot without makeup on. However once she is covered in makeup and glamorous clothing, she steps it up and delivers a gorgeous shot.

Next comes the panel where one of the girls is sent packing. Samantha is safe, and managed to impress the judges so much with her shots, that her photos will be displayed as digital art in the model house for the rest of the week.

McKee is also safe, but there is something about her joker like face that turns me off.

Analeigh is safe... and up on the chopping block of course is Marjorie and Elina.

Before we discover who is sent home though, we learn that Elina is only 18 years old! I have to say the girl impresses me, and even more so after discovering her age. Elina however carries herself in a way that makes you believe she is 30 years old. I was pretty floored when I learned her real age.

Sadly though my favorite model was sent packing. Elina is sent home for her lack of letting loose and control.

Marjorie is saved, and honestly I'm stumped. The show always stumps me though.

The girls that will continue on to becoming Americas Next Top Model are, Samantha, McKee, Marjorie, and Analeigh.

I personally didn't predict any of these girls making it to the top when the show first aired episode 1. I imagined a handful of other girls being the top 4, but here we have it. Our final 4.

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