Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Hills: A Recap of Season 4, Episode 15 - "It's Her Move" Heidi Gets Canned

Oh boy ... season 4, episode 15, of The Hills told quite a juicy tale. New twists and turns all took place that, honestly, I saw coming but never expected to see play out on the air.

First let's cover Audrina.

If you all tuned in last week Justin finally told Audrina that he wanted her to be with him, and the moment was pretty damn cute and probably the best romantic moment I have ever seen The Hills deliver.

Audrina though took the small gesture from Justin the wrong way and possibly blew it up into something more than it really was because she decided to pack up all of her belongings from LC's guest house to move into a crib of her own. The only issue though that I personally had, as well as others close to Audrina was that Audrina seemed to be making this move so she could possibly get Justin to move in with her. A personal space for just the two of them!

Later on when she asks him if he wants to move in, he sort of beats around the bush without giving her a definite yes, or no answer. Later on when Audrina meets up with Heidi at a club where she is working for Bolthouse, you see Spencer ask Justin if they are living together. Justin nods a definite 'no'. So I guess we have our answer on how that went.

Moving on to Heidi...
Last season Spencer totally screws up a huge opportunity at work for Heidi by showing up, and sweeping her away from her work to have his personal shady needs fulfilled. At any rate viewers were left thinking that Heidi would definitely be fired after pulling that stunt.

However this season we all see that that was in the past and apparently Heidi had been forgiven.
Well in last nights episode Heidi is supposed to be helping with some huge event and she manages to drink a wee bit more than I think she intended. Or maybe she planned on getting blitzed.

At any rate, she gets a little snippy with one of Bolhouses owners when he asks her if she is working. She quickly snaps back 'are you?'. It was a pretty damn funny moment, but disrespectful nonetheless. Basically the gal was drunk, and made a fool of herself in front of one of the owners.

The next morning she meets with her boss, and is fired! A moment I totally did not see coming. I figured if she got away with skipping out on a huge event last season, she would definitely be free of any punishments this round.

Next we have Lauren....

Lauren finds out in a quick haste that Audrina is moving out, and is a little shocked to learn that Audrina is moving out so quickly.

Shortly after the move out though Lauren learns something about Audrina that sort of saddens her. She discovers through Spencer's sister that Audrina and Heidi met up at the Bolthouse event and were on friendly terms. She also informed her that Spencer likes Justin, and then really stirs the friendship pot by stating that 'they might be the new crew'. Wow that girl is trouble! I liked her too, I really did, but what was with that crew comment!?

At any rate the best drama came from team Heidi this round. Lauren for the past few episodes has sort of kept things on the down-low, and it seems her co-stars are soaking up most of the air time lately. That's not so bad though, they are all pretty dang interesting.

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