Thursday, July 24, 2014

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11, Episode 8 Recap!

I have been following America's Next Top Model since the first season began airing. It seemed like yesterday the very first season began airing, but believe it or not Americas Next Top Model managed to stick around for 11 cycles... and counting!
Usually I am able to spot which of the girls will make it to the top 3, and I have a pretty good idea of who will make it to the top 3 slot this season.

In episode 8 (cycle 11) Tyra coaches the remaining competitor in finding their signature pose. One by one the girls take turns trying to find their inner pose, some fail, and others such as Marjorie do a wonderful job at finding their signature pose. In the middle of posing Tyra allows them to see their poses on a computer monitor and gives them tips on how to improve them. Some take her advice and use it, and others continue to struggle (such as Laure Brie).

Little to their knowledge the whole one on one coaching was a challenge that Marjorie ends up winning. Marjorie is allowed to choose one friend to go to a local diamond jewelery store to pick a piece of jewelery.

Shortly after the challenge the models are taken to a large Opera stadium where their next photo shoot will be taking place. The theme is basically embarrassing moments that happen when we least expect it.

For instance Marjorie's shoot took place in a bathroom, she is wearing a gown and trying to portray having a difficult time getting her gown off to take a pee! Her shoot in particular stood out the most because it was hilarious, and she did a great job at portraying the 'poor girl, stuck in a fancy dress, when she has to pee look'.
Elina had to portray a Halle Berry moment of complete loss of control and tears, after winning an award. Elina struggles at first to create real emotion, and tears, but for some reason the panel thought they were forced tears, and have an issue with thinking Elina forces and controls everything (I don't get what they mean, but whatever). The tears looked pretty damn real to me though.

Lauren Brie was supposed to be the girl who walks up a set of stairs, and falls in front of everyone while going up the stair. Lauren struggled a lot more than the other models, and most of her pictures looked way over posed, and fake.

Samantha also seemed to struggle as well while trying to act like the que card reader who is blinded by the light and cannot read her cards. I do think though that her particular scenario was the hardest one to try and play off.

Still though her photo didn't come out looking all to snazzy! Why she was not in the bottom 2 after the fact, was confusing to me.

After the shoot was over and done with though, I had a pretty good idea of who was going home.
And that was Lauren Brie. She was sent packing due to her 'lack in personality' and of course the bad photo.

Personally I tend to see a pattern from cycle to cycle, where the panel will send a girl packing based on a lack of personality... for me though the only lack in personality is the fact that some girls do not get as much air time as other girls, therefore it goes marked down as a personality lack, and not to mention a lack in public popularity.

Now I don't know what goes on in the editing room, but I do know that Lauren Brie sort of slipped into the background based solely on the fact that she didn't get very much air time, and whenever she was given air time she sort of didn't say much. Does a girl have to have a cat fight in order to have a personality?

Or... maybe I am wrong, perhaps there was nothing about Lauren Brie worth putting into the show? Only she, and the editors would know that.

Still though the fact of the matter is that Lauren Bries portfolio rocks, and can be seen here at the official ANTM site.

In my opinion Lauren has quite the portfolio to work with even after the fact that she was sent home.
There is though just one sole photo that she may want to consider chucking, and that is the last photo in the portfolio; the photo that caused her to be sent home (yes, Jay was right, she looks like she is flying up the stairs and not falling).

Besides that though, the rest of her shots are gorgeous, and I particularly love the one where she is posing half face in the water, with her arms above her head.

Right now in the competition things are beginning to heat up, and the models have already made it clear that week after week the challenges, and photo shoots have gotten more and more complicated and difficult.

You can check out the remaining season episodes every Wednesday on the CW11 at 8pm.

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