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Americas Next Top Model, Cycle 12: Foe is Sent Packing!!!

I've been following Americas Next Top Model ever since cycle 1. Cycle 12 is probably the most drama free season I have ever encountered. The girls in cycle 12 are not as catty as other girls had been in the past, which makes this season fairly nice, but also rather boring.

At any rate, last nights episode (April 29th 2009) featured the remaining top 5 models; Foe, Celia, Allison, Teyona, and Aminat, whom battled it out to remain in the competition for another step closer to becoming Americas Next Top Model.

Now my 2 all time favorites are Allison and Foe. I know Allison does not have a chance at winning due to her shy awkward personality when she meets with people, or when she's at panel.

Foe however reminds me so much of a modern day Punky Brewster, with a splash of fresh adorable freckles on her face, and a bubbly personality that just makes you want to be her BFF.

This weeks episode included the gosees, and I was pretty sure that Allison would be sent home because -let's face it...the girl acts like a cowardly lion whenever she's put in stressful positions. I figured the gosee competition would be the death of Allison.

During the gosees the remaining 5 had to race against time, and make it back to the original starting place in time, otherwise they would be disqualified.

Teyona seemed to do well with her gosees, as well as Aminat. I thought Foe did a wonderful job trying to impress those she modeled for, however everyone had the same feedback. Foe was too short. I thought the feedback sucked, because most average women do not tower at 6 foot or higher....hell most girls are not 5'8 either!

Allison was a bit awkward with her horrendous looking walk, non-stop jittery nerves, and the fact that she kept bumping in to things. I assumed that no one would hire her for a job.

Celia just looked old. Aminat finally said what I had been thinking since day 1. Celia does not look young or fresh. Celia is 25 years old, but to me Celia looks as if she's pushing 40!? The gal looks old. I still love her though because she reminds me sooooo much of Cory Feldman's sister (blond girl in The Goonies).
Aminat did fairly well with her gosee, and Teyona impressed nearly all of those she modeled for.
Teyona makes it back in time, and managed to go to 3 gosees. Aminat walks in safe shortly after, followed by Allison.

Celia walks in and thinks she is safe, but the clock seems to be a little past the 30 minute mark. Celia swears she was back in time, but it took her a long time to get from the bottom floor up to the floor where they had to be back by a certain time.

Foe walks in last, and obviously late.

Shortly after all the girls are gather up, they are taken to the buildings top where they are told they will be taking a helicopter ride to the main judge who will let them know who won the gosee challenge. Ah, but she lets Foe and Celia know that they are not coming because they were both late!

So off to the chopper they go. Allison, Aminat and Teyona. I figured either Teyona or Aminat would win the gosee challenge. Allison was far too skittish to impress anyone during her gosees.

Teyona wins the challenge and her prize waits back at the house. The prize is clothing and accessories from the 5 gosee designers.

Shortly after the gosee, the girls are up for their next photo shoot. Celia is worried because she was in the bottom 2 last week, and she knows if she does not impress them with this weeks photo shoot she will be going home.

The theme this week for the photo shoot is sexy beach wear. The girls go in for makeup, and hair. The shoot is being shot at a nice beach filled with a few other random models in the background. Jay tells them that they have to stand out from the crowd in order to get a good photo. Nigel is also the photographer this week, which makes a few of the girls nervous.

Allison in particular is nervous because she does not think her body is swimsuit sexy.

Aminat does okay at the shoot, but needs a bit of direction during the shoot.

Teyona manages to stun Nigel and the other onlookers this week and gets praised.

Celia really screws up this week when she fails to connect with the other models on the set, she seems to pretty much stand still and does not know what to do. Nigel actually has to get up, leave the camera, and give Celia some tips on how she can use the other models to interact, yet model at the same time.

Allison actually wooed Nigel this week by moving around the set, and connecting with the other models on the set. She uses her face and body and manages to bring out her inner sexy.

In panel Tyra calls the girls up one by one. Celia's photo came out looking awkward and ugly, Teyona gets praised for using her body and her face to bring out a seductive beautiful photo. The judges later on state shes so close to already being a top model. It was weird, and pretty much shed light on who most likely will win.

Allison also impresses the judges with her sexy photograph, and Foe has a rainy day with a shot that looked like she was in a bowling pose. Aminat impresses the judges as well, but they mention that she did not use her body correctly for the photo.

At this point it is anyones guess as to who will be sent home. Celia is obviously going to be in the bottom 2, but I didn't know who would be joining her. I knew it would be either Aminat or Foe.

One by one Tyra calls up the models who will remain in the competition. Teyona is called up first and gets her photo displayed in the house for the rest of the week as digital art. Allison is called up next, and Aminat follows.

The bottom two this week went to Foe and Celia. Now I thought it would be Celia due to her looking like a zombie in her photo last week, and this week. Foe looked nice in her picture, but like I said she looked like she was bowling. I did not think though that she would be sent home.

I was wrong. They sent home my sweet modern Punky Brewster! Foe was sent packing, and Celia remains in the competition along side Allison, Aminat, and Teyona.

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