Wednesday, July 23, 2014

VH1's Daisy of Love, Episode 2 Recap

I was really going to pass up Daisy of Love, because frankly the love shows are growing really repetitive, and truly tiresome. However, seeing that no other network tends to keep me more entertained than VH1, I figured I'd tivo the show and watch it when nothing else was on.

And wow, nothing else seems to ever be on!

Today I caught the early 12o'clock showing of episode 2.

The show started off with the guys all waking up from their slumber chambers. Nearly immediately they were thrown into possibly the stupidest challenge VH1 has ever thought up.

The guys were to give Daisy a presentation using an object for some sort of stupid show and tell speech. Basically they choose an object, show it to Daisy, and tell a story based off of the object, and somehow entwine the narcissistic Daisy into the object... err... or something lame like that.

I didn't get it, and neither did the guys, it was clear when they all bombed their presentations to Daisy, whom was being referred to as Mrs. Daisy due to the school room vibe presented to us.

All in all, it was stupid, and the presentation's even dumber.

Flipper, decided to write a rap to Daisy. The rap tough was basically him dissing all of his competitor's. It was funny, but at the same time cheesy. Every ones presentations were pretty cheesy, except for ChiChi's. ChiChi pretty much told a sad story about the death of his dad... it pulled at Daisy's heart strings, and she chose him as one of the winners to go on a date with her.

Naturally other guys won the challenge as well, and they too joined Daisy for the one on.. I mean one on 5 date?

The 3 guys who did the worst at the challenge had to be punished. Their punishments were to give lap dances to 3 of Daisy's friends. The catch of course being that the women were all old ladies.

Regardless, the lap dances the men gave were probably the best thing the episode had to offer.

The date for the challenge winners takes place on the beach where Daisy takes the guys surfing. The date is relatively uneventful. All in all, the beach date presented us with a lot of silicone, fake bleach hair, and large overstuffed lips.

2 guys are sent packing this round. I won't ruin who got sent packing. I will say though that although 2 were sent home by Daisy, 1 sent himself home after the most ridiculous self beat down.

I'd say the self bottle cracking beat down was some of the gayest crap I've ever seen. Normally it would make for good TV, but it was just so... yawn, zzz Lame.

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